Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas in Ohio

My whole family teased me about being a BLOG ASS xmas brother Brrrrin even blogged about me blogging on his blog
It is damn funny, I must admit! Yes, maybe I am addicted.....But It's so fun!

We flew up to Ohio a few days before xmas just to hang out, it was perfect! Sunday we were at Bill and Barbies house for 12 hours just enjoying eachothers company. They made a delicious brunch including mimosas, and all 10 of us crowded around the table. There is NOTHING better, guaranteed fun and laughter when we are together, I am so lucky!

They got a Wii for xmas from Barbies mom and we played it all day. Bowling, tennis, boxing, and more bowling...everyone played, even my parents. Here Bill and Barbie settle their differences in a boxing match.

Here two Ohio State fans wait their turn

My mom does THE BEST christmas! She is the best mommy ever!

I love you too Dad!!! It wouldn't be the same with any other shuttle driver!

There are so many traditions, mostly with food...mushroom soup, homemade bread, lepeny, a hungarian sort of pizza with sourcream and tapioca sauce and cherries on top.......and all the decorations...snow outside (almost without fail)....the stockings hung by the chimney with care.....My mom made our stockings probably 15-20 years ago.....They are special.Now, xmas morning has been the same for, Nester, Bill, Barbie and Brrrian stay at my parents house on xmas eve and the SCHAFFNERS (jenny, scott & kelli) stay at their house. They open gifts in Wooster and we wait and wait and wait for them to arrive in Canton so we can FINALLY open our gifts all together. The suspense kills me EVERY YEAR...another thing I am harrased about....they say I act like a "little kid" what?? ME?? Here, Brrrian and I await their arrival....of course he is making fun of me.....Once we do get started, it gets pretty crazy! Wrapping paper everywhere! We try to take turns so we can all see who got lasts a couple hours!I got some exciting gifts this year. I love this turquoise sports watch that Ernesto bought me. Im really excited to tray out the Nike+ipod too. It is a pedometer you put in your shoe, and it tracks your running workouts and talks to you through your ipod. There is also a great website to download all your workouts. There are 5 million people doing it, so I think it will be very motivating......I do feel motivated because the last 2 months I haven't done ANYTHING workout wise.....that is a long time for me. I am now looking for a 1/2 marathon to sign up for in the next few months. new running clothes he trying to tell me to get in shape??
Although turquoise is still my favorite color, orange is my new love. Ernesto called me when he was out shopping..."Cindylou, is orange your color now?" While I was "xmas shopping" I did go a bit crazy and bought myself an orange leather bag and gloves. Something for me, something for them. I love the shirt and crocs he chose...

Ernesto, not surprisingly got COOKING stuff. A Food Network cookbook from Scott and I started a new All-Clad pots and pans set for him. I only got him 3...they are a bit pricey...even at TjMaxx.

Brrrian was so happy whe he opened this belt buckle from Barbie....Its says TEAMSTER

I got kelli this bag in China, I thought of her when I saw it. She has also been creating beautiful jewelry and even has a website. I thought she would enjoy a Beadwork magazine subscription.This ugly-ass dog toilet paper holder has been a gag gift for years. Constantly being regifted. I think Barbie got it one year, but then took it out to Tim and Michelles house in NM and "planted it" when they were here is was again ...

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