Friday, June 17, 2016

The Boys' School Photos 2016

We received the boys' school pictures in an email last week and I was so happy with what I saw.
The above picture of Marcelo makes me laugh.  So cute, but totally a forced smile. This is what I get when I tell them "look here, say cheese."
But this...THIS!
After a couple warm up photos, Beri Irving was able to capture the most natural, playful smiles of my babies.

Of course this is how I see them everyday (at least for a little bit!) but it's hard to capture.
SEVERAL of these pictures are going to be blown up BIG and framed.  Instant beautiful art!

The beautiful backdrop of the farm didn't hurt .
We were able to get in a few pictures too and I LOVE how they turned out.

Wow!  A picture where we are all looking at the camera!

Of course, I like the pictures where we are not looking too.  They are more REAL!
If you are in Atlanta, I highly recommend Beri for your next photoshoot.


  1. What a sweet tribute! Thank you! I'm so glad I got to take pictures with your beautiful family!!


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