Friday, June 10, 2016

Married FIFTEEN Years!?!?!?!

Now THAT just sounds weird.  Fifteen yeeeeears!?
 I wonder how that is possible?  Then I remember how old I am! HA!  We look like BABIES here.

All that we have done, everywhere we have been...remember the video I made for our 10 year anniversary?

I LOOOOOVE THAT VIDEO.  (good job self!)
I was pregnant with Mateo when I made that. Now look at us...
My perfectly imperfect family!  So much can happen in 5 years.  Life is a road with ups and downs and highs and lows. We have had some lows of course, but we are on such a high right now.  I am so happy to be sharing my life with this man and our three kiddos.

It was actually Ernesto's idea to write the "15 years later" and have Carolyn take a picture.
 "I new you would like this idea," he said.  Darn tootin'

After we took this picture, we left the boys at our neighbors (thanks Carolyn and Mark!) and finally tried Beetlecat in Inman Park.

 We sat outside and enjoyed... these chandeliers! They are HUGE! 

 Seriously, besides the beautiful decor, the seafood was. De.Lish.  Starting a meal with raw oysters s always a good thing! 

It was a long overdue date. We engaged in adult conversation and such.
With one tag-along. One beautiful sleeping tag-along.
She gave us about 45 minutes "alone."  She musthave smelled the tostones and ceviche. 

I'll never be upset to have this smile with me.  
Besides one child is a BREEZE especially at this age. Especially this girl.

Although I didn't get to a video this year, a recap of the last five years must be done! What a different video it will be.  A lot less traveling, but a lot more LOVE.  Like...3 TIMES as much LOVE.

And although my dream of a 15 year anniversary trip to Morocco didn't happen (20 year for sure!) we are taking a family trip to Mexico next month (not planned yet surprise surprise!) and hopefully staying 2-3 weeks.

So that will count...for something! 

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