Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ohio AGAIN?! An Anniversary Party

We were not planning another trip to Ohio this Summer, (after flying up in July and August) but when my parents mentioned a surprise anniversary party for my sister and her husband, how could we not?
25 years!!! That is a big deal right?
Their daughter Kelli and her boyfriend Brandon, arranged a night out for them in Columbus (where she lives) with dinner at a "really nice restaurant." They suspected something......maybe that my parents were going to be at the restaurant when they arrived....NOT that [almost] the whole family would be waiting for them in a yoga studio.
Uncle Bill let the kids know we needed to be quiet and once we see the door open, we could yell SURPRISE! We all waited by the door.
It's hard to believe that I was 17 when these kids got married. Lips and Lips as they affectionately call each other.
It was kind of a theme...On a side note- does Scott not look like Caitlyn Jenner with those wax lips? Its uncanny.
These guys were empty-nesters when we were just starting our family. Kelli is now 24!! wow! They really did a great job as parents and I know that [as usual] my sister will always have great advice for me.

Kelli is a yoga instructor and also manages the social media\marketing for Grow Yoga in Grandview and she arranged to have the surprise party at the very serene yoga studio. It was a perfect location!
My dad whipped up his famous pulled pork with all the delicious sides. Then my mom and aunt Margie made cookies and decor. Barbie made this beautiful cake (which was delicious too!), the chocolate lips suckers and lips cookies.
The Ohio locals really put everything together. The out of towners assignment was just getting there!! Brrrian and Kyja (and her brother) drove up from Asheville! And of course we flew.
As soon as we arrived, the fun started!
The laughing didn't stop either. Especially when we all sat down for a freindly game of "The Newlyweds." So funny! Nester and I were the winners, thank you very much!
When the music was turned up loud, the dancing started and didn't stop! So. Fun!
And we couldn't let this special night slip by without a picture of everyone!
We actually didn't think we were going to make the party. We tried for three flights saturday morning and didn't get on. We went home for a few hours and then headed back to the airport for a flight that looked NOT POSSIBLE. However, just my luck, we squeezed on somehow! (you never know flying standby!)
I would've hated to miss this party. First off because I love these guys ....
But also, because I hate to miss a party and so does the rest of my clan.
The festivities continued until 1030p and my little party animals lasted the whole time (without a nap!). But! By that time Mateo was asking to go to the hotel...I do believe he was worn out!
The fell asleep on the 10 minute ride to the hotel and I used the stroller to take them right up to bed.
Ernesto was "tired." My little boys were TIRED. So much so that Mateo slept later than he has in is life. Blinds were open, everyone was up in the room and that means it was loud! I leaned in close a couple times just to make sure he was breathing.
Notice the clock says 914a. Yeah. And he slept another 15 minutes. Unheard of I tell you! Once we all had breakfast at the hotel we headed over to hang out at the OSU oval (huge grassy area) and spread out blankets.
What great memories I have of my college days at OSU. The campus is only bigger and better now. I felt excited for all the young kids walking around. Oh those were the days! GO BUCKS!
So glad we made it up there, and actually both flights were so easy and uneventful...which is a good way to leave our last flight as a family of 4! My sister and Scott were so touched by the awesome party and all of us who came to celebrate them.


  1. I feel honored to be the center of your post, and even more honored to be your sister. That was the BEST party that I will never forget! We have the best family and I love all of you so much!!

    1. Thanks Fred! It was a great party and Im so glad we made that flight!!!

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