Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ohio Parties & Picnics!

I know we just came back from a week in Ohio, a few weeks ago, BUT we didn't want to miss out on a weekend of family fun. My niece turned six years old and I knew the boys would have a great time at her party. Plus, there was a reunion picnic for my mom's side of the family and I have not been to one since before we moved to Costa Rica (back in 2008).
We actually took a 845PM flight on Friday and I was not looking forward to it. Mateo did not take a nap (which is happening more and more these days) and I was expecting the worst [behavior]. BUT, I did something very smart! We were at Barnes & Noble earlier in the week and I bought two big sticker books and waited until we were boarding the plane to give it to them! Sometimes I kick myself for being so stupid...why haven't I done this before? I always take SOMETHING for them to do, but something NEW is the key parents. The suitcases were new as well, that was exciting too.
We had a record flight in terms of good behavior. In a never been seen before event, Mateo played happily with his new book and 30 minutes later laid his head on my lap and went to sleep. Marcelo also played quietly with his stickerbook, and although the last 20 minutes he was a little loud, he was staying in his seat. That's a win!
He was tired, but when we pulled up to the gate in Canton, he jumped up with his suitcase ready to see grandma & papa.
Both of them crashed on the 15 minute ride back to my parents and were up bright and early. #ofcourse We had plans to hit the Hall of Fame Parade the next morning, so I guess it all worked out. The Hall of Fame is kinda what has Canton "on the map" so when the annual Hall of fame weekend rolls around, it's a pretty big deal.
We had great seats and the boys enjoyed watching all the balloons and bands.
This sweet little girl turned 6 and is starting first grade this year. She could not be any cuter.
She wanted a flower birthday party, which her mommy whipped together beautifully. It didn't hurt that her grandma has such an amazing garden and brought several bouquets for the party.
When it came to present time, Mateo was front and center.
No, the birthday girl had no shortage of helpers.
Sunday was the Wellman family reunion at my aunt and uncles house. My mom is one of seven kids. SEVEN. And all of her siblings 3-5 kids. There are A LOt of cousins. Many were not able to make it, but there was still a good group. It was nice to see everyone.
For as long as I can remember, my uncle Bill has had a pool. It was the highlight of the day for the kids.
The food smorgusboard was more exciting for me...and mingling of course:)

By the way, look at how HUGE I am. I bought that dress and Target a couple days earlier and felt so cute and stylish in it. I wish I had a picture with a frontal view. My tummy looked so cute popping out. this angle focuses more on my big a$$. But hey-the camera doesn't lie. That right there is 20 pounds of baby weight folks. This is me at the start of my third trimester.
With the parade and a couple parties/picnics planned, we had a little time to play out in Grandmas garden. Marcelo could water flowers all day.
Monday morning was kind of gloomy so we ventured out to a butterfly garden about 20 mintues from my parents in Alliance. My cousin was telling us about Beechcreek Gardens at the reunion and it really was a cute little place.
We dipped qtips into sugar water and the butterflies came to have a drink.
After about 10 mintes of watching the butterflies and catapillars, it was time to get outside. Luckily it wasn't raining and there was a lot of room to run/play.
We flew back to Atlanta Tuesday afternoon. It was a short trip, but packed with fun. These little travelers are full of adventure.

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