Tuesday, July 28, 2015

'Round Here

How is your Summer going? Boy, has it been HOT here. The good news is that our big Spring and Summer and maybe Fall too project is coming to an end. Heck it may even be done in the next month! We are down to the final path to the driveway. Probably another 5-6 cement squares. I can't wait for all of the red clay/mud to be covered! We can spray that shed off for good! Our Zoysia grass took beautifully and is green and lush! It has been a lot of work (for Ernesto) but I think it looks super cool.
Besides more work on the backyard, (more pictures coming soon) we have just been trying to keep cool...which only works part of the time. The other part we are drenched in sweat, but such is the life during Atlanta Summers.
*We have been using our membership at Atlanta Children's Museum
* Climbing, running and jumping at Hippo Hop and Catch Air, two indoor playgrounds.
*Swimming at Grant Park Pool
*Greeting our garbage trucks
*Riding bikes at The Olympic Track.
One morning while at the track, a reporter from the AJC took this picture and we were in the paper the following day. He was capturing people being active, despite the heat. Of course, in the narrative, the reporter got his facts wrong (he said Mateo had just taken off his training wheels, but I told him that he never had training wheels!)
*Eating donuts at our weekly farmers market
*Playing in boxes
There is a "toy park" in downtown decatur where the boys love to play for hours. The HUGE fenced park is full of donated toys and they wear themselves out really good. We usually make a trip of it and grab lunch or dinner at Taqueria del Sol afterwards.
Besdies all the toys, the pine tress are trimmed perfectly for climbing.
Earlier this Summer, my sisters beloved pet Winnie passed away suddenly. My heart broke for her because I knew how much she and her husband were hurting. When her birthday rolled around I had a great idea! I commissioned a painting of little Winnie! I found the artist on etsy and she did a wonderful job! My sister LOVES it!!
In other art news, I scored this HUGE oil Painting at a thrift store last week for $20!!!! There is just something about it that I love. It looks great in my bedroom.
I also love this character.
Over the weekend we took a stroll on the Beltline and ended with an impromptu stop at the Old 4th Ward Splash Pad. It was smeltering hot and the boys were already drenched with sweat, so we just stripped 'em down.
We also get to the zoo quite often. Sometimes for nothing more than riding the train and carousel.
I bought a couple .97 cent squirt bottles from Target and it has changed bath time. They loving having target practice...sometimes even aiming at something other than each other.
Ernesto and I went out on a date over the weekend and it was fabulous. It started with coffee and a little window shopping in the new Ponce City Market. Have you guys been into West Elm lately? Such good stuff. What really inspired me though, was this yarn art. Different shades and sizes of yarn were tied to an embroidery hoop and hung from the ceiling. Im thinking little mexi-can #3 needs this. (added it to my list)
Also, I am 26 weeks pregnant. What!? Almost in the 3rd trimester already? Same as the first two times, I am loving my belly! This dress which is non-maternity has been worn through all 3 pregnancies and is so comfortable and flattering. I can eat to my hearts content and not feel stuffed in my clothes.
We enjoyed a meal of appetizers at The Luminary (a French restaurant inside Krog Market) including this warm octopus with cold cucumber salad. Deeeee-lish!
Marcelo started climbing out of his crib a few weeks ago. It has since been rigged by his papi in hopes to buy us a little more time. I am not ready!
Yes, those are canvases on either end. Im actually not sure HOW they are preventing him from climbing out, ( i think it is mental) but I'm positive it will not be long before he figures out that he can, in fact, still climb out.
**This topic is worthy of a whole other blog post (and it's coming...complete with climbing out video)
In the mean time, we have purchased another twin mattress and have given these boys a chance to sleep together. SPOILER: It's not working...but boy do they look cute laying there when I shut the door.
Marcelo starts preschool next week with Mateo and I could not be more ready for some mornings off. Plus , it feels so good leaving them at The Language Garden. They learn so much and come home Tired. As. Hell. Just how I like 'em!!

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