Monday, June 22, 2015

A New Couch...Finally!

We have been long overdue for a new couch. Five years ago, I bought one on ....wait for it....Craigslist, and I loved the mid-century lines.
My intentions all along were to have it recovered. Of course the longer I sit with an idea (or plan) in my head, the more likely it is to change. Kids came, dirt piled on the fabric, a spring popped (it was great for jumping!) and I gave up.
I have been in love with the Maxwell sofa from Restoration Hardware for several years. Ernesto's brother has it and it is the BOMB!
However, I just couldn't justify spending $4k on a couch. With 2 toddler boys and another baby on the way, I know my furniture still has years of serious wear and tear to look forward to.
BUT I couldn't stop thinking leather was the way to go! Leather lasts a long time and cleans up easily. For a couch that was going to take me through the dirtiest years of my kids' lives, my budget was somewhere around $1000, and I have never seen a good looking leather couch for that price...not even at IKEA. So, of course, I constantly had one eye on Criagslist.
I found this one last week. Seller was asking $1100. She had a matching loveseat which I did not need.
There were a couple things that bothered me. 1. The color. I was really wanting a more saddle color instead of chocolate brown. 2. The cusions seemed a little too puffy in back, and I really love the 2 cushion set up vs. three. 3. It looks like the leather had a seam right across the seat?? No.
I was reaching guys...ready to get rid of my current couch and basically SETTLING for something good enough.
Ernesto finally agreed to go see this couch with me, but by that time, the seller decided they didn't want to sell their set separately. She apologized, but in the same text told me that the JCPenny Outlet had some of their "Signature Sofas" on sale for $999 and looked very similar to hers.
I immediately went online to check out the sofa and my jaw dropped. I got so excited. Yes! It was almost an exact match to the Restoration couch! Nine feet long, only two cushions AND it had feather cushions!
Yeah, online it was one sale for $3500!? But at the outlet $1000. I was sold! You know I live for a good deal! We were there when they opened Saturday morning and had probably 10-12 couches to choose from.
Each one varied in color, some leaning red-ish and that was not appealing to me. We did however, find one that was perfect!
So, can you tell which one is the Restoration couch and which is from Penny's?
Pretty tough right?
We are pretty happy with our purchase. And although it is not a lux depth (of 42") like the Resto couch, it is still long enough for two adults to stretch out and relax. I'd like to think that is worth the $3500 savings.


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