Monday, February 02, 2015

Weekly Wishes #9

Happy February!!  It was a great week.    As you'll see below, I did not complete all my goals last week (what's new?) but I had a lot of fun!!  Isn't that really more important?! 

My parents flew in for just 24 hours and we celebrated my mom's 70th birthday.  (see the video I just posted)  Also, have you Atlantans checked out Krog Street Market yet?  OMG this place is going to be a weekly outing for us.  An old warehouse in Inman Park has been redone to house a slew of different vendors.  And it's right along the Beltline.  So.  Cool.  Just one of the many reasons we will never move to the suburbs.  I know that I should never say never, but....

Let's take a look at last weeks wishes...

1. I will get my rug to the cleaners this week! Damnit!!  Yes!  Done!  It will be ready in a week.   In the mean time, I have put down a rug that is way too small for the area, but I suprisingly like the feel of the more neutral pallette.  I have to say though, my orange rug does make the room bright and happy.  I don't think I want to sacrifice that for calm and neutral.  (Unless that would calm my kids down!  OMG, is that what it is?)  

2. Get gold flatware out of the box and use it!  Yes! Yes! Yes!  I prepared a delicious 70th birthday dinner for my mom:  Salmon (grilled on a cedar plank), purple potatoes (with rosemary and kalamata olives!) and roasted broccolli.  For desert, this delicious carrot bundt cake (from Pioneer Woman) with a lemon cream cheese frosting.  The gold flatware made all this food even more delicious!  

3. List Mateo's bed on Craiglist so I can bring newly painted bed inside!  Bed/chest is listed!! Let's see how long it takes me to sell.  I have painted the new Jenny Lind bed, but (new plan) it is staying in the shed until the old bed is gone.  Duh!  Out with the old and in with the new! 

4. Set up date for kitchen cabinets to be painted.   I guess this is a no!  I did email my contact, but have not heard back as of yet.  Will follow up with a phone call in the next couple days.  A for effort?

5.  Get my compost bin put together  NO!  Ugh!  Unfortunately I need Ernesto's help on this one, and he has not made it a priority [over golf!].  I do have my compost bucket under the sink filling up so it MUST be put together soon.  Im going to do a separate post on that. 

On to this weeks wishes:

1.  Get compost bin up and running.  Let's see if I can't get this thing put together and show you guys some pictures! 

2.  Share my "new" plan for our downstairs bath.   Coming! I have the blog post almost finished!!

3.  Final touches organizing laundry room.  I never did show you guys.  It never was really organized.  (Maybe that's why?)  Now it is.  I will show you. 

4.  Spend some time with my plants!  I have recently acquired 2 [more] orchids on clearance.  They need replanted and I also need to spred some of the succuents I have been propogating.  

5.  Buy a yoga package and GO this week!  I have been comparing and comparing several yoga studios near my house, and I just need to buy one already!

6.  Make appointment at the Genius Bar for my computer.  My computer is so overloaded that I can't even apple's latest operating system.  It runs so slow, that I rarely use it.  Need it fixed. 

Ok I would say this is enough to keep me busy!  

I hope you guys have a great week, and GET SOME SHIT DONE!!!

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