Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Burned on Craigslist

When we moved into our house there was an electric stove, microwave and dishwasher.  All black, all brand new, but I would say cheaper models for sure.  They work/ed fine, but after cooking with gas for so many years, switching back to electric was not ideal.  And, since a refridgerator was not included, we purchased a stainless one and planned on switching the others out to match at some point.  

This is a photo from when we first looked at the house 3.5 years ago.  Black appliances, no fridge.   Anyhoo, new appliances were not necessity, so looking for a quick (inexpensive!) fix was my thought process. 

Enter Craigslist.  (Of course!)  Seriously, if there is something I want for the house, I always search here first.  I search here even when I don't want something for the house.  Wait!  That never happens.  I ALWAYS want something for my house. 

After the two recent stories of murder involving Craigslist, this post seems insignificant, and really it is. was I physically hurt during a Craigslist transaction.  No.  However, we were burned misled.  We overlooked the cardinal rule.

#1 look closely at what you are buying. duh!

I saw a set of Fridgidaire appliances listed for $700 and thought that was a great deal!  After talking to the guy, I sent Ernesto to buy.  I should have known something wasn't right, he sent me two different pictures of stoves and his english was HORRIBLE.  And I don't mean a foreigner, I mean just horrible English grammer that hurts your ears. 

Ernesto took Mateo for this buying transaction.  The appliances were CLEAN and wrapped in a clear plastic.  Ernesto later kicked himself for not unwrapping them. (rule #1)  He asked the guy if there was anything he needed to know, any scratches/dents to speak of? No was his response.  I guess we tend to trust people.  I know I do.  (and btw, this usually works out for me.  I have made countless CL transactions without any issues!)

First thing.  No bracket with the micro to install.  UGH!  ok.  Ernesto rigged something, but this was annoying.  Luckily it works fine. 

Next.  The stove.  Burner grates were taped down for "easy travel," but after installing, Ernesto removed the tape and low and behold off came the burner....and some paint too.  PAINT?! WTF?  Yes, it seems the top of the stove was painted.  Oh, I was sick. 

All burners do work, and we are loving cooking on gas again.  The convection oven is another story.  The first time we turned it on it smoked up the whole downstairs.  Nice.  Pre-heat is taking a year to reach temp.  And there is a funny smell.  Paint?  The good news is that I baked a cake and it came out perfectly, so it does work, but there are a couple issues.

Diswasher has a couple scratches and dents that were conveniently concealed by the wrap.  This doesn't bother us too much.  It looks like they have been there for a couple years with toddlers.  Nice model, stainless interior, missing a wheel.  So bottom falls off track every time it is pulled out.  Easy fix, but annoying. 

Our guess is that this dude "refurbishes" appliances and re-sells.  His story was that they were coming out of one of his rental properties while a renovation went on.

I texted him to tell him about the paint on the stove and he acted surprised and said he would see if he could get us another one.  I haven't heard back from him.  

Bottom line:  I love Craigslist and will continue to peruse, buy and sell here.  I will, however, not buy appliances from people who seem shady. Seems obvious.  

Eventually you get burned, but I have gotten wayyyyyy to many great deals to be jaded. 

(We bought our front loading washer and dryer over a year ago from a family who was moving and it was a total deal.  They are perfect. )

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