Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Still in San Diego.....and Loving it!

 We are still enjoying our west coast vacation and we have one more week to go.  Back at the Atlanta homestead, the renovation process is coming along.  Drywall, painting and tiling have all been started, and the flooring is going down tomorrow and Friday.  Our house is still empty, so we really do need to stay away until they are finished.  Right now they are saying next Tuesday.  This is fine with us, because we still have a lot to do out eat lobster in Puerto Nuevo, Mexico, bike the silver strand, hike Cowles Mountain and walking out to the pier at Pacific Beach for a new family photo.
 The weather has been pretty great, and we have been taking advantage.  Coronado is a great beach/town to walk.
 Shelter Island has a great little playground area right on the water and marinas to wander through.....its fun to see all the yachts.  
 We hiked to the top of Mt Woodson, and it was a challenge for this pregnant girl.  Also for Ernesto who had Mateo strapped to him.
 The view at the top (and the 3 miles hiking up) was unbelievable. 
Thanks to Tio Jerry for inviting us.  Although I was beat afterwards, it felt so great completing a physical challenge. 
 We spent a day at Balboa Park.  No matter how many times I have been here, Im always in awe at the beauty of this place. 
 This time we went into one of the museums so Mateo could play at Kids City.  He had a great time trying to figure out how things work.
As you can tell, not too much time for blogging, but Im trying:)

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