Monday, February 18, 2013


After seven hours of planes, trains and automobiles, we arrived to our [NEW] home last week!  Although we had an amazing trip, it felt so good to sleep in our beds.  Mateo stayed on west coast time for a couple days and actually slept till 8:30am!! (He's now back to his regular 6am wake up time)
Ok, on to the exciting stuff.  Our house renovation.
Now before I share a few pictures, let me just say that even though we are really happy with the new look, there are quite a few things that need to be fixed.  I felt a bit bad pointing everything out to the contractor,  but this is the beauty of paying someone else to work on your house, right?  A luxury that we have have very often.  I like it a lot. 

Our biggest change in the house is in the flooring.  New dark hardwood floors....with no red!!  Yeah! The stain is called "coffee bean" and although we would've liked wider planks, we are really happy with the look.  We had a budget to work with from our insurance and we wanted to stay within it.  The new carpet is clean, cushy and brighter than what we had.  The stairs and all of the second floor has new carpet and the smell of a new house. 

These two things are the only things that were not screwed up.  The poor painters have to come back.  The stair railing needs another coat of black and my doors on the bottom floor were all painted white - we wanted them all black.   The worst mistakes were made in the master bath.  Imagine our horror when we walked in and saw this color on the wall!

 See?  You probably didn't even notice the lovely new tile.  It was supposed to be this color:
{Sea Anemone - by Martha Stewart}
It definitely changed our first impression.  Another mistake?  See the tile surround on the tub (below)?  It was only supposed to be up to the half-wall, not up to the ceiling.  Also, they installed the same old toilet ...the one that caused this whole renovation!! Hello?!  They are coming back tomorrow to fix/change all of that.
 What am I happy about?  The beautiful floor.  The gray porcelain looks even better than I had hoped. 
Also, I am in love with the herringbone carrara on the shower floor.  Just gorgeous!

 The glass shower enclosure is not "frameless" as I understood. Waa waa! But they did cut down half of the wall so it is open to the window.  It makes it a lot brighter.  It is not perfect, but it is a huge improvement!

 The vanity is due to arrive on Wednesday.  It is solid wood and has a carrara marble top and comes with the chrome faucets shown.  It also comes with this large mirror, but I really want separate mirrors above each sink, so I will probably sell this large one. I like the simple cabinets and sleek hardware, and also that it has drawers.  Maybe we will be able to keep our counter top clutter free now! 
The fireplace surround is scheduled for Wednesday.  I am excited about that.  It will change the whole look of the living room.

I still have not 100% decided on the pendant lights for the kitchen island.  I am so indecisive sometimes.  I really like these but can't decide on the all gold or black with the gold center:

I am leaning towards the black even though I love the gold more.  I have a lot of gold already in my house and Im thinking maybe I should stick with the black.  Plus, it still has some gold peeking through, so that pleases the gold lover in me.  (By the way, these are exactly like the Tom Dixon lights that are $400 and at LampsPlus they are called Piquito and cost just $125)

Now my dilemma is what dining room light will go with these ??   Also, which couch are we going to buy? What barstools ?  Oh the design decisions never end!  
I'll be sure to post more pics at the end of the week, with all of the changes. 

Oh! plus I have all my belly shots coming.  I started taking the pics at week 13 and I am now at 22!  This pregnancy is flying tummy is getting big and I love it!

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  1. Hooray for your new home! After purchasing it, it'll be easier to think of renovations that will make the place more homey. You can think of various projects in order to dictate the mood of your house. Well, it has been a while and I hope you're enjoying your new place. Congratulations! :)

    Jamie Hooper


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