Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hello My Beautiful Vitamix!

It's here!!  I finally bit the bullet and ordered our Vitamix. It arrived yesterday!   Perfect timing too, because our cheapie blender finally cracked the other day.  It was then that I told Ernesto our Vitamix would be arriving any day! Ha!  I knew he would be pleased!

Since we arrived home from our west coast trip we have been eating a lot better.  Funny enough, it's easier when you don't have a bunch of sweets in front of your face 24/7 (at least for me).  We visited the Farmers Market and stocked up on fresth fruit and vegetables.  (It's much cheaper that the grocery store, and has a better selection) Our refridgerator is full and we are ready to start Vitamixing everything!   I can't wait to make soup and sorbet right in the blender.  Yep, this thing is so powerful it heats up soup or freezes fruit to sorbet!!

Also,  I am going to order some popsicle molds like these so we can always have a healthy sweet treat!  I am excited to experiment!  Of course this Vitamix has to be our salsa maker too, and I plan to make baby #2's food like I did for Mateo.  We are a family that uses their blender almost daily, so the investment was worth it.  These things are built to last and the reviews are great! I think we are going to be very happy together. (for the next 15 years)

Our first shake was made with kale, carrots, grapes, and cantaloupe.  It was delicious! 
Both of my boys slurped it down!
This morning I made another batch of mostly carrots with grapes and my little mexi-can drank three of cups full before/with breakfast.  What an easy way to get some extra vegetables in his diet.  (TMI alert: His caca was orange) 

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