Monday, July 02, 2012

Vintage Indian Brass Lamp, Oh My!

A couple of weeks ago I got so excited after opening an email from Lucy where she sent me a link to Mod Pieces Blog with this picture:
{via ModPiecesBlog}

OMG, these are the same as my brass lamp that I picked up for $5 at a school rummage sale last year.  The moment I saw it, I knew I had to have it.  It was something special.  Look at it up close.  The whole thing is carved (etched?)

It has been sitting in my living room with no shade now for ooooooh 9 months.  I just wasn't sure what shape/color would be right with this unique lamp, but as we both can see here, these are PERFECT!!
{via ModPiecesBlog}
Check out the inside which glows of gold! How gorgeous!  I immediately wrote to Lia for an estimate on one lamp shade, but unfortunately $167 is out of my price range for my $5 lamp.  I don't doubt it is worth the money, because these lamps look like a million dollars....but can. do.

I am now on the hunt for a similar shade.  Im sure I will have to DIY the gold and black.  I actually saw one on ebay and I may just try re-vamping it.  The size is right and price is more within my relm.  I feel excited now that I have a goal/plan for my beauty. 

First step though is to shine this baby back to his original sheen with some Brasso.
Have you ever bought something and later found out it was much more special than you originally thought?

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