Saturday, April 09, 2011

Thailand, Italy or Mexico??

Would you believe that this June will be my 10th wedding anniversary?  10 years!
This calls for something special, right?  A trip of course!  We have so much going on but this may be our last trip solo for a while.  We are exactly decided where to go yet.

Option #1 Thailand
Option #2 Italy 
Option #3 Mexico

These are our choices listed in order of preference.  Unfortunately they are also in descending order of most distance,  time needed and cost.

I really wish Thailand could happen, because that trip needs to be done without kids (though not impossible, it would be preferable).  I have wanted to go there for a long time and this may be our last chance for some years.  We need a month to make this trip worth the 2 days it takes to get there.

Italy is a great second option as Ernesto has never been.   We could fly into Rome and then take a train south to the picturesque town of Positano (where I have never been, pictured above).   The Almafi Coast.....come on, it just sounds romantic, doesn't it? The only con is that I won't be able to drink wine.  Oh the horror!  We could do this trip in a week, but we would make it two just to make sure we aren't rushed.

Third option is to visit Mexico, and that could never be a bad choice.  Its a quick flight, inexpensive and it's Mexico.   We would pick an area that we haven't visited before.  It would be a great time to pick up new textiles for our future house.  Mexico is only a three hour flight so one week is easy here. 

We are still weighing this and once we know if our house deal is going to go through with a closing of May 26th we can set a date.  Im shooting for leaving May 10th.  Perfect because we can back to our new home!!!

So what would be your top 3 destinations for a big anniversary? 
(....and I don't want to hear anyone say Canton, Ohio)


  1. waiiiit a minute, titi for a MONTH?! haha- oh my!

  2. I've heard wonderful things about the Caskey's Resort.

  3. Woah! tough choice! I LOVED Thailand, but Italy is lovely and Ive never been to Mexico.

    Why not go somewhere you havent been before?

    Thailand is the cheapest option too.

    Italy is romantic and not as hectic as Thailand can be.

    Hmm, think I would go for Italy, Tuscany to be exact :)


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