Friday, February 25, 2011


Here's hoping I am a winner of this months GrandTurismoTravels HomeAway Holiday-Rentals Travel blogging competition. The February contest is simple.  List 10 memorable travel moments.  Just 10? How to choose?
1. Buying shrimp as big as my head in Kerala, India from an old man who pulled up to our house boat in a wooden canoe.

2. Riding bikes in the "Ruta Durango a Mazatlan 2009."  A two day, 200 mile ride through the Sierra Madre mountains in Mexico. Funny story: We had no training!

3.  Building a house in the small village of Nagewadi (outside Mumbai, India) with Habitat for Humanity's Global Village program.   

4. Cutting in and riding some guys horse at "el Tope de Palmares" an annual festival with a crazy horse parade just outside San Jose, Costa Rica.

5.  Tasting unknown street food in Shanghai, China while filming a short travel video for Delta Airlines. 

6.  Meeting a man on a ferry to Isla de Omatepe, Nicaragua and following him to a "great restaurant" which really seemed to be the backyard of his family or friends.

7. Sipping mint tea and modeling different belly dancing outfits in Istanbul, Turkey

8.  Walking the streets of Honolulu eating fresh pineapple when my boyfriend (now husband) turned to me and told me he loved me for the first time.

9.  Sleeping in a hammock on the beach in Mazunte, Mexico and ordering/eating my breakfast without moving from said hammock.

10. Playing with the kids of a small indigenous village in Copan Ruinas, Honduras and buying their corn husk dolls for $1.

**This post has been entered into the Grantourismo/HomeAway Holiday Rentals travel blogging competition.


  1. This is the list? hey elaine, they say this is it?

  2. haha...i guess i will have to make a part two. we were supposed to only list 10:)

  3. love this!! were the shrimp tasty? good luck!

  4. 11) Hanging out with The Lt Col, The Judd, The TeddNeck at Old Pueblo.

  5. Great list! I've ridden the ferry to La Isla de Ometepe too, but didn't get invited to anyone's house! Good luck in the competition!

  6. yes! The shrimp were awesome!

  7. Thanks for entering our competition! Loved the post! Just letting you know winners will be announced today.

  8. What an amazing list! You should have won!


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