Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Wednesday Weekly- Happy Birthday

Today is my oldest Brother, Tim's birthday and because he is the oldest, he must be teased!
This one is for you Tim!

10 Things about Tim (A Listy List from Listography)
  • He is a wonderful and interactive Dad with his 2 sons
  • He completed an IronMan and is a fanatic with Crossfit workouts.
  • He called me up at 3am to tell me that I was going to Woodstock concert with him in NY.
  • He took me to my first concert- Violent Femmes
  • He is a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force and a pilot
  • He loves mountain biking and often subjects himself to crazy challenges like endurance races. (in 24 hours, how many times can you ride a 10 mile trail? wha?!)
  • He is so smart it makes my head spin, yet he has been know to lack common sense???
  • He has gone running in the woods and come back with only one sock
  • He lives in a cool adobe house in NM at the foot of Sandia mountain
  • He married Michelle 16 years ago and the wedding was in St Thomas where she grew up. What a great trip! He is a good husband from what I can tell (right Michelle?)
  • He permed his hair in high school
E and I are going to visit my brother in a week, I am so excited!

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