Thursday, February 11, 2010

Flying to Tucson

It had been too long. 41 days since I had been on an airplane! Luckily there is always somewhere to go. My brother Tim invited us out to Tucson to cheer him and his buddies on in the 24 hours in the Old Pueblo endurance bike race. Thousands of people camping in the middle of nowhere while a 24 hour mountain bike race goes on? Ok, that sounds pretty darn exciting to me. More coverage on that coming in the next couple days. The flight to Tucson was 4 hours. A big thank you to Delta for a smooth [cheap] ride. I never mind long flights [with the exception of red eyes]. I turned on my musica, ordered a coffee and dug out a project from my bag. I love to fly!

As you may know I love turquoise and over the years I have accumulated lot of left over pieces from other necklaces I have made. I cut a 18 inch piece of heavy textured silver link chain and started to wire wrap random pieces on it. A jumble of sorts. I think I will call it pila (since I don't think there is a word for jumble in Spanish). As you can see I had a great little workstation on my tray table. I will post a picture of the finished necklace soon.
Quite a few ladies stopped by me to see what I was working on and asked questions. I recommended they go to the Tucson Bead and Gem Shows which are still going on until the 14th. If you haven't ever been and you love sparkly things, plan a trip. It is the biggest show of its kind, held annually in February.

Our ride from the airport should be here any minute. I am going to run to the restroom since it will be the last "real" toilet I will see for the next 3-4 days. Nothing like roughin' it!

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