Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Neto's Fish Tacos

I eat fish tacos every chance I get.  You see them more and more on menus these days and I like to compare them to Neto's.   Rubios is a fast food place in California, that I can honestly say, makes a mean fish taco. There is a place in Atlanta called Taqueria del Sol that serves up simple yet delicious fish tacos (and many others). They fry up tilapia fish and add a white sauce with pickled jalapeno slices.  When we lived here before, we would take out of town guests there, and they love it.   Somehow they can't compete with Neto's tacos.  When we get together with my parents, my dad always [read: every time] requests that Ernesto makes his fish tacos.  They were in Atlanta this past weekend. So here you go, written out by Neto himself:  

Neto's Fish Tacos

You will need:

1-1½ lbs fish (Red Snapper or other firm fish) cut into 3-4 inch pieces and lightly covered with flour

veggie or canola oil for frying fish

thick corn tortillas


1 cup flour

1/4 cup corn meal

1 bottle of dark beer

salt & garlic powder to taste

White Sauce

½ cup mayo

½ cup yogurt

1-2 pickled jalapenos, diced

lime and salt to taste


5 Roma tomatoes

15 jalapeno or Serrano peppers (2-3 for rookies)

small cilantro bunch

salt to taste


head of cabbage, shredded

lime, cut into wedges



Combine batter ingredients and start heating oil. Cover fish pieces in batter allowing excess to drip off before placing in oil (try not to let them touch). Cook until batter is a light golden color.


Make this roasted salsa.

Warm the tortillas flipping them a few times but don’t toast and cover them with a towel when done to keep warm.

Place everything on the table and start to assemble your tacos. They go great with Mexican beer.

How to assemble: grab a warm tortilla and place a piece of fish in it. Top with white sauce, salsa, and cabbage then add a squirt of lime. You may need to add a little salt. Enjoy!


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