Saturday, April 11, 2009


My Brother, Brrrian has just arrived to Costa Rica from Asheville (thanks Delta!) I was so excited to see him and he came with requested items.  Peanut butter, black licorice, and traditional Easter candy. woo-hoo! Im dying to eat some candy and ice cream too, its been a long 40 days.   I just love these malted milk eggs in bright spring colors, my mom always had these in our Easter baskets growing up.   I wish I had the other food that screams Easter for me, such as my mom's homemade bread and Lepeny (a Hungarian pastry that has been made in my mom's family for generations - and only on Xmas and Easter)
Being in San Jose for Holy Thursday and Friday has been weird, there is no traffic, no one walking on the streets, they are not selling beer or wine anywhere (what?)  Needless to say we are ready to GET OUT!!!
Actually my co-worker Brrryan has just pulled in our driveway and we are heading for the caribbean coast.
Have a great Easter and as always details of trip will follow.........

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