Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Loungin' in sunny San Diego

Every morning it is sunny here! This is something I could get used to. I think I am a California girl! There has never been more talk of me becoming one than this week.
Ernesto's parents were waiting for us at the airport last Sunday and the whole family came over that afternoon for a FOOD EXTRAVAGANZA. Ceviche, buche, bacalao, carnitas, y salsa and beans of course! It has been all about food the whole week.
New years was pretty low key for us. We played games at Ernestos parents house until 1030p and then went to his sisters house for a few hours. They had cousins in from Mexico, so we just sat around talking, champagne hugs and kisses at midnight. Pictures too.
We were roasting on the open fire...........
Our second carne asada of the week was on New Year's Day. I didn't get to eat/make my mom's traditional Pigs in the Blanket (pork, cabbage and sauerkraut) as I usually do, but being outside for a Mexican cookout on January 1st was a good substitute. (Ill make the pork and cabbage when I get back to Costa Rica) Here is the grill master (Neto's dad) hard at work.
There were a lot of cute kids running around. Here are Ernesto's brother and sister's kids Jorge, Maia and Andrea.
..and here I am with the newest addition...Tavo's son Cruz. Do you think I look good with a baby?
Ernesto went to Home Depot so he could whip up TOSTICLE, a set up he learned from my dad, it was quite a hit. Here, Neto's friend Freddy tosses the balls to another post of the opponents.
It was nice not having an agenda all week. We took one afternoon to go ring shopping with Ernesto's mom. Its been three years since I lost my wedding ring. After going to 2 different showrooms, I have determined that it is so much easier when the guy just picks the ring for you. (which is what Ernesto did over 8 years ago, and did such a great job by the way) There were just too many beautiful rings, no way to choose just one. Even though we received insurance $$ for my ring, prices of gold/platinum have tripled since mine was purchased. Luckily Im not wanting a huge ring. After wearing my modest silver Mexico band for 3 years, putting on a big diamond seemed like too much BLING! Then again, maybe I could get used to it! Looking in a jewelry store gave me ideas some ideas.
I am even thinking of just a band, this one was beautiful and very elegant on my finger.Of all the ones I saw, I liked this Art Deco Platinum ring the best.In the end, I decided I am going to have a ring custom made. Its much cheaper (since retailers mark up 3x) and then I can design something unique. Im really wanting an original. Just like me! This Art Deco ring has given me my inspiration......I mean, I am a jewelry designer, right? I have been browsing online too, and have several designs in my head. I will be sure to share it with you when it comes to life.
Ernesto grew up in San Diego, but wanted to do/see something new. He looked online for "things to see" and found the oldest church of California. Mission San Diego de Alcala was founded in 1769.
It is one of 21 Mission churches in California. Here Ernesto checks out the different styles in the little museum.My favorite part was the gardenJade plants are like BUSHES, growing everywhere.
For the last 8 years, whenever we came out here I would bring home pieces of jade plants to grow in my pots. By the time we sold our house I had 25 pots with Jade plants. Yes, I guess you could say its my favorite. You could also say I really miss having a garden......and a house.....and furniture....the list goes on. I threw a dime, along with my wish over my left shoulder into the fountain with St. Anthony. Please make it come true!
We were planning to leave Saturday, but surprise surprise the flights were full. At Christmas time you ask? My dad kept saying " well usually the flights are so open around the holidays, I wonder what is going on?!" I know I know....but what are we going to do? We MUST travel. We are used to it anyway. Im fine sitting in airports. One benefit of staying another day is that we spent the afternoon in Coronado. Here I am on the beach in front of the Hotel del Coronado. The hotel is a San Diego landmark, it was built in 1888.We have been receiving so many questions about our future plans. "What are you doing after Costa Rica, where are you going to live?" Your guess is as good as mine. 6 months from now? hmmmm...the future is wide open. I love that!

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