Monday, December 15, 2008

Habitat Fundraiser at JAM

On Friday night Habitat held a fundraiser at JAM in Santa Ana. (Organized by Andres'...many connections this boy has)Its a perfect venue for bands, rather intimate with couches very lounge-y. 3 bands played and the admission $$ went to Habitat. We sold T-shirts and had brochures as well. I forgot to bring the big signs that say "Habitat for Humanity" ...idiota!! My other assignment (which I did do) was to walk around with this piggy bank to collect money. This heavy-ass clay piggy bank. I gave it a kiss for good luck! It worked....we collected about $150 in the 2 pigs.Since I wasn't sporting a Habitat shirt- I added several stickers to myself! My friend Bobby was in San Jose for work and came out to JAM with us.
Between bands Andres got on stage and gave a really nice speech about HFH and what we can all do to eliminate inadequate housing. Marco was filming the night and Im sure will make a great video (which I will post later) It was a really fun night, even though there was no dancing involved:(

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