Monday, November 17, 2008


Everyone had told me that I couldn't leave Ecuador without visiting Otovalo, a small pueblo 2 hours North of Quito. Saturday is THE day to visit since it is the day of the feria. It is the biggest market I have ever been too, and is also the biggest artisan market in all of Ecuador. Im so glad I went....and you will be too if you are on my Christmas list:) Eleanor, who was staying at my family's house as well wanted to go, so Saturday morning we caught the 830am bus and were shopping by 11am.
She totally reminded me of Jen Schhhirner (my brother Brrrian's girlfriend) her hair for one, but more her laugh. Behind us was the food section of the market, and Eleanor had this bean/corn/peas mix that she said her spanish teacher was eating. I got one bag for myself, spinkled some salt and had such a tasty treat. I love trying new food! Here it is:The Otovalo market is HUGE and it really took us hours to get through it. It was great people watching, I love seeing all the women's outfits and carrying anything and everything on their backs and heads.
Notice the peacock feather in her hat? so cool!
Many stands were selling the same thing, which was good for dealing. Im a bargain ASS! Im really good at it!
$3 for these woven wool bags.....first price $5These woven table cloths.....first price was $15 for 1....I bought 3 for $21.
All the local ladies wear gold necklaces....a bunch of them and I loved how it looked.I gave it a try, but they were plastic- not exactly my style.
...another fruit stand I couldn't pass up.HUGE grilled corn on a stick served with mayo and cheese...YUM!This hat/mask really made me laugh, and the guy told us it is for a ceremony....obviously!
After I told Ernesto the hats were only $8, he said he wanted one too.
At the same stand I saw the wool fedoras that all the indigenous women wear with a peacock feather in it, and I knew that I had to have that as well. Peacock feather in my hat? Oh yes! Here I am posing with the trendsetter! both hats for $15....damn Im good! My spanish teacher thought it was funny that I liked these hats, she said NO ONE wears these hats. Its true, I was the only person in Quito wearing it. I told her, she needs to pick up a couple fashion magazines, because these are en MODA! ...and if not, I dont care - I love how they look!
ALPACA was EVERYWHERE...and I was loving it! scarves, blankets, shawls, yes, yes, yes!
This hat was killer (literally) but how many fur hats do I need in Costa Rica or Mexico or San Diego or Atlanta for that matter? I already have 2...Im such a hat girl!LOOK AT THIS RUG!!!! (or bedspread is how I would/will use it) If I had only had more space!
It's ok, I do have one of these on order from my friend Valeria who is gong home to Peru next month and PROMISED me that she will get me one! This one below is baby alpaca, and you wouldn't believe how soft is was. (this one Valeria, this is the one I want please)
A 10 minute taxi ride from the market and we arrived to Peguche and its beautiful waterfall.A 10 minute walk and we had arrived.These are just like my Costa Rica pictures, right? You have seen one and you've seem them all? I don't think so, I really love visiting waterfalls. Yes the necklaces are new. Seeds naive to Ecuador. I think they will look great with a bathing suit in the near future. You'll see!
We got home at 8pm and our "family" was ready to sit down for dinner. I went to pack my bag and started laughing. What is all of this??
Being the excellent packer that I am, I thought ahead and had packed another bag inside my one bag I had brought for the week! That's right bag. Don't overpack! You'll never wear it all! It was a smooth trip, with an unplanned stop in Atlanta---sometimes it works out when the flights are full! Trying tonight. Although Ernesto had to work all day we got to sleep in the same bed! Its the little things in life!

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  1. Those Panama hats sound amazing! Will they really pop back into original shape after you fold them up or sit on them?


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