Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween and a Hike!

It was more out of laziness than lack of creativity. The longer I waited the more I was locked in to being......A BEE for halloween. I kept saying I didnt want to be a bee, but the other girls..... Worker Bee, Bat Bee, Queen Bee, Bling Bling Bee (thats me) and Cheerleader Bee? We all had our wings on, and I have to say we turned out quite cute, don't you think?
Here we are all around the flower. Here the Arabs wanted a pic with the American Girls, and the American running mates McCain and Palin
Here a closer pic of our gosh-darn couple. Lauren was a great Palin, she had all the lingo and the SNL skits down.Che was there too
Saturday I slept in until 10 am...WOW! But really for me, that is very late! I know you are sick of my Saturday story....Pavas market for pupusas, internet cafe, and gelato. Sorry but this is what I do on weekends that I stay in the city. One day was enough though, and by Sunday I wanted to do somethin' different. Kate was going to Cataratas Toro Amarillo (yellow bull) with her friend Laura so Maureen, Lauren, and I tagged along. What we thought was a 40 minute drive out of San Jose turned out to be 2.5 HOURS. It was an ugly day, but in the mountain it was rainy and foggy. We even debated doing the hike because it was so ugly out. Rain, rain go away! Luckily we all had rain ponchos...........The waterfall is 400 feet high. It takes 510 stairs to get to the bottom. It sounds like a lot, but took us less than 3 minutes. It was still raining and I had to pull out my camera really quickly to avoid it getting wet...but you can still see the drops on the lense.It was a good test for my Gortex hiking shoes. They did really well (The North Face. TJMaxx of course) Here you can see really how foggy it was. Lauren was enjoying all the humming birds flying around ...notice the one so close to her head.
Even though the weather was so shitty, it was a nice little hike, and we got to warm up in a little roadside restaurant where we ate chorreadas (corn pancakes) and gallo pinto, sweet plantains, and coffee!

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