Sunday, November 09, 2008

I´m Gonna Party Likes It´s My Birthday

It always has amazed me how a plane ride can change everything. In 3 hours my life was totally different. It was a great feeling to have Ernesto waiting for me when I landed in Atlanta on Thursday. (a rare occurence if you know my husband) I was so happy to see him. Holding hands, smooching, riding in his little truck on an organized 8 lane highway past Atlantas downtown skyline on a beautiful Fall day...Life was good!
Separation can really make you appriciate someone. It had been 4 weeks. We went out for dinner and just talked and cuddled like teenagers (only better, we had wine) and afterwards we walked by Banana Republic, and I was drawn in....ahhhh shopping. (im so deprived in Costa Rica) Ernesto told me to pick out an outfit for my birthday, and the second part was that he gave me money to spend with Arif, my Indian supplier for gems. It was so fun! I bought something new this time....emerald briolettes, WOW! did he give me a good deal....I also bought a strand of HUGE amethyst briolettes. GORGEOUS. (Although I am not selling my stuff in Costa Rica, I am planning the ¨unleashing¨ of ZAFIRO JEWELRY for 2009!! More details to come.)
Friday was a day of Cindy. Ernesto had to work, and I.....had to SHOP. I spent 4 hours in Tjmaxx and Marshalls next door. 3 pairs of shoes, a pair of white jeans, a pair of shorts,a bunch of toiletries later, I was a happy girl. That night I went to a Delta happy hour with my old department, and had way too much fun. Schwartzy and Scott were waiting with arms wide open. They miss me, look how happy they are to see me.
Things got a little carried away, as they often do when Scott is involved.
Ususally I dont fall for his college kid peer pressure, but he got me with a couple (or was it a few?) shots.......and by 930p when Ernesto and I were meeting Richard and Floyd at ENO for dinner......let´s just say....that whole dinner is a little fuzzy. At midnight we headed over to Smitas apartment where we met my parents and Brrrian who came to Atlanta to celebrate my birthday. I was very "happy" to see them......thank god my parents have a good sense of humor.
My birthday morning started with a nice breakfast at Java Jive in Midtown, a cute retro diner that I had heard good things about.
The day was absolutely gorgeous and we wanted to hang out and enjoy, so we made our way to Pito....I mean Piedmont Park.
Look how pretty the leaves are, it was so nice. I love Fall weather.We parked it in the grass for a while shooting the shit with a great view of Midtown.Pobre sito Neto had to work all day, but when he arrived my mom and I had already started the best birthday dinner EVER....Neto´s fish tacos, guacamole y salsa! DELISH!My mom had made brownies and bought ice cream. They all sang "happy birthday dear Cindy".......happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeee!!!
I am a little biased, but I think I have the best family Ever!!The rest of my birthday celebration is continuing in Quito in Ecuador....5 hour flight in Business Class!


  1. looks like fun. Why wasn't i invited.

  2. The only thing missing that day was rye toast at the breakfast table! ;) It was a lot of fun to see you in Atlanta again.


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