Monday, November 12, 2007

Star Sighting on DeltaNet!

I was asked to write a little something about my experience working on the Habitat Build the first night by DL Corporate Communications..they posted it on the company website the next day!
(yes I was really carrying rocks on my head!)

Cindy Espinoza
Revenue Management
I fell in love with India last year after visiting for a couple weeks. The people are so gracious, the food so delicious, and the culture and tradition so interesting. When I found out that DL habitat build was going to be here, I really wanted to be a part of it!! You would not believe the warm welcome we received when we arrived at the village in Karjat. They were all smiles when we unloaded from our buses. The band was playing, and we were given beautiful necklaces of strung marigolds (or malas). The ladies smeared tilak (red powdered dots) on our foreheads with their fingers to symbolize a show of respect and a mark of doing good. All of us were taking pictures, and it was so cute, the kids really loved posing and when we showed them their faces on the camera, they would all giggle. Now it’s 6 p.m., and “whew!” I am TIRED!! What a great first day, though. It was totally worth all the sweat and hard work. My team started on what could’ve been the toughest job…laying the foundation! Tools, you ask? Buckets and our hands! The homeowners were on site, helping us the whole day….they must have thought we were so weak, taking so many water breaks! Even with all the breaks, our team accomplished our goals for the day. One thing that stood out to me about these people is they have so little but appear so happy and content. It really makes me think of what’s really important in life.

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