Monday, November 12, 2007

Hot Night Out in Mumbai!

Nameeta, Smita's sister took us out to a really cool place called "Hawaiian Shack" for our 2nd night in Indians. Besides the Indians, you might think we were in the US. Everyone was in "western wear" as they call it,(jeans and such) but the difference was the music. This place had 2 levels, these pics are from the lowere level where they played a mix of 80's music and even olders songs that I would not play in a million years, but we all sang and danced to it anyway...oddly enough, it's never as cheesy when you hear it in a different country. (familiarity?) The upstairs was more night club and Bollywood-Indian dance music..I love love love it! (why did we stay downstairs so long?) We stayed until they closed and of course, at the end I was at the DJ booth begging for one last request (sean paul, I'm sure)...some things never change!

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