Friday, September 21, 2007

New Hair, New Bag, New Dress

I thought I would treat myself this week. We ended doing really well at our show last weekend, sooooooooooooo, I spent some CASH!!! I have been DYING to get my hair done, it has been way to long, and I have not been down to Buenos Aires since April (where I usually get everything as hell I might add) I have been resisting because I know the price here is going to be rediculous (in comparison) but I needed some excitement, so I finally broke down! Smita referred me to her stylist, Erica from Helmet Salon in Midtown. I loved her!! I knew wanted some bangs and fresh color. I was thinking more blondy highlights.....but she was very confident and thought I should go with a richer color for fall...hmmm ok! My hair had gotten really bleached out over the summer....and was looking very blah!! But now look!!!!
Look how shiney.......Im very happy with it!!!
Its very stylish, with very little work!!!
Another big splurge this week......Check out my new green purse!!!
Saturday night Smita and I met a my co-workers at Pub 71 (they were with a group watching the GA game...and we had no plans....Neto was in Portland, OR) AND I got to wear my new dress......isn't it gorgeous??We couldn't believe that we stayed out until 230am, we NEVER do that! But there was a band playing and we were dancing.
Here I am with Scott and Swartzy (my co-workers)


  1. It’s kinda hard to tell how it looks…maybe if you took your pants off I’d be able to better see how it looks on you.


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