Sunday, September 09, 2007

Clintonville Arts Festival

Saturday, before Joanne's weddng, Treffry and I set up at Whetstone Park for the Clintonville Arts Festival. It was just a one day show and unfortunately it rained, but suprisingly we still managed to make a nice chunk o' change.....thanks to one of our repeat customers who came by and spent over $700!! I LOVE her!!

Although we had quite a few successful shows this year, we were also turned down for several that we were really looking forward to participating. We have been getting a lot of feedback from other artists and we believe it may be our booth picture that we submit for applications. (hopefully it's not our jewelry!) We have heard that jurors really dont like see tables with tablecloths just draped over them. The want to see a very professional setup, and they really like to see jewelry display cases. So we have beeen thinking of revamping for a while, but love the overall look of our booth, and didn't want to change everything about it. We always recieve great comments from the customers that our booth is so "fresh" and that they love how we display our jewels on the silver tree branches. It helps them remember us too:)
Ken and Treff worked really hard on Labor Day weekend to come up with a new "look" for Pluma's booth and what they came up with was a great compromise of the original. Take a look at the before and after shots!
.....AND AFTER!!!

It is definately a cleaner more professional look. They pulled black vinyl tight around the bottoms of the tables and they look like cases!

We thought this might be a good shot of us together for the website...What do you think?

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