Tuesday, March 29, 2016

San Diego: Part III

Would you believe in the 17 years I have been coming to San Diego that I have never been to Belmont Park? Located right at Pacific Beach, this mini-amusement park has a roller coaster that I have walked by so many times over the years but never boarded...and I LOVE roller coasters!
Well, guess what, I still haven't rode it, but we did take the kids there and we had a lot of fun. (Since Ernesto and I couldn't go on it together, I decided towait until Mateo is tall enough to go with me)
Gosh, this little angel is happy all the time. Wouldn't you be with these little moccasins?
The boys were only tall enough to get on a few of the rides, but we still decided to go with a wristband. The carousel was fun, but not a repeater.
The submarine ride was a new experience but still not exciting enough to repeat. Papi didn't think so either.
Once they got to these cars though, they ended up riding enough times to get our money's worth!
The cars just went around in an oval but on the ends it really whipped them around and they laughed every time. So cute!
We have hit a ton of playgrounds. Outside. Activities. Every. Day.
Yes, my boys are shaggy. But it's California dude!! Couldn't you see these guys carrying surfboards? Marcelo is a bleach blondie and Mateo has the best highlights. They are going to need cuts soon so they can bare the Atlanta heat!
We have been at the beach ALOT! It is the easiest, cheapest, sure fire entertainment for the boys, and quite relaxing for us as well.
Also, can you say Spring break?
The beaches have been crowded! Mostly we went ourselves, but a couple times family joined us. Marcos and Shanel have a 3 month old baby. Little Lucas is the same size as Paloma.
They had a blast together comparing their chunky thighs and talking about eating a sleep schedules.
One day, we had 7 cousins together at La Jolla Shores and it was pretty great!
Of course the water is still freezing here! It doesn't ever really get warm. (I can only remember going in the water once or twice in 16 years.) If you wade your feet in the water long enough, you can get used to the temperature, but when you first stick your foot in, it is like ice.
Enough to make you cry.
Ayyyyyyy Papi! I KNOW! Pobrecita! She did not like the cold water. Shocker!! I told him not to do it. Eventually, just like the other kids, she won't care that the water is cold and will jump right in. She will be 6 months next week. Crazy how times flies.
We are planning to finish out this month here and head back to our regularly scheduled program.
**taken outside Salud tacos in Barrio Logan

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