Saturday, March 12, 2016

San Diego: Part II

Here we are in week two of our San Diego stay. It has been so wonderful! We have been outside and active everyday, eating THE BEST Mexican food, and enjoying lots of time with family! Bedtime has been a breeze as these boys are falling asleep when their heads hit the pillow.
Hiking up a mountain is one way to wear them out.
What normally takes us an hour to hike (up and down) Cowles Mountain now takes two. At one point, I didn't think they were going to make it.
Laying down on the trail! Ha!
Their clothes were covered in dirt from falling /sliding but only one minor injury.
Dr. Mateo took a look at the little scratch on his brothers hand, gave a kiss and a hug and they continued of friends
Sometimes these guys kill me with their sweetness. Unfortunately, it is mostly short-lived. Power struggles are way more fun.
My parents were visiting long time friends in AZ last week, so they flew a little further west to stay at Hotel Espinoza.
My parents said they were not crazy about these pictures of themselves, but I said "It's not about you, look at my baby!" For example, take this next picture. Not flattering of me AT ALL....but my baby could not be any cuter!!!
What a good week! We tried to do just one activity per day. By the time you get out of the Espinoza house anyway, that is about all there is time for. One day we did walk a few miles at the park in the am AND go to the beach.
Coronado is the closest beach to mis suegras house, and also one of my favorites. It's long and wide, so even when it's crowded, it doesn't feel like it. With the "cooler temperatures" the beach was nowhere near being crowded, in fact we had it practically to ourselves.
I had Paloma covered in a towel because it was chilly; meanwhile Marcelo was naked (or nakey-nake as we call it).
One day our itinerary was constructed around this:
Surprise! It's a golf course. Those of you who know mi esposo, know that he is OBSESSED with golf. My dad likes it too, so they HAD to play. Ernesto's brother Tavo booked all of them for the infamous Torrey Pines Golf course.
Since they didn't playing until the afternoon, we went early to hike around the trails.
This is one of my favorite places to go in SD. The views are unbelievable. To get a workout in this environment is invigorating. Of course with kids and three 70+ year olds we were doing more of a stroll, but I still broke a sweat.
Mateo is all about maps and directions these days. He guided us to the water.
We were very active all week, but nobody lost any weight, that's for sure! Oh. The. Food!
Tacos de barbacoa, fish and steak. name a few. But my favorite dish (and most requested) is coctel de camaron (shrimp coctel). So good! I even ate it for breakfast the next morning.
Yes we feasted all week on mi suegras home cooking, but one day we ventured out to Lucky Lu's, my brother-in-laws restaurant.
We had been at the Children's Museum (which is awesome!) The kids were so tired. Marcelo didn't last through lunch. He fell asleep with his head on the table. After this great photo-op we moved him to a booth to continue napping.
Something different this trip is that the boys have made friends with little neighbor kids on abuelas street.
Bikes, running, scooters, hide-n-seek, tag, and....WWE wrestling.
They seemed to like it but luckily they aren't asking for a ring just yet. We have enough aggressive play at our house anyway with these Imaginext batman figures....that is a whole other post.
Well thanks for coming along. Stay tuned for Part III, IV and maybe even V. We aren't sure when we are leaving yet. I have heard the weather is nice back in Atlanta, but this really can't be beat.

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