Saturday, October 17, 2015


Mi querida Paloma,
Two weeks already!? I can't believe how much you are changing everyday! (Which is why I decided to take a close up of your face until your original due date-Nov 2) You are just so darn cute.
We started week 2 with a couple more days alone cuddling and relaxing in bed. When you were 8 days old your umbilical cord stump fell off. Or rather, it stuck to mami's tummy after we were cuddling skin on skin.
With only a few hours before your papi and hermanos returned from their little Mexico trip, you and I went on a little shopping spree. (spoils revealed in another post)
At about 8pm, our quiet time together was over. (Which was fine. I mean, "quiet" is not real life at your house.) The boys had a great time with your abuelos y tios. Don't worry we will take you to Mexico next year.
You don't seem so tiny anymore. Well... that is because you are not! You gained 1/2 a pound at your one week follow up (after the jaundice) and weighed 6lbs 1oz. Im sure you weigh even more now because you are eating like a champ.
Sleep wise I consider myself a lucky mami. I have only been waking up with you once per night. I will feed you before I go to bed (between 11p-midnight, and then you will wake up sometime between 3-5am and then sleep well into the morning. I do need a cup of coffee in the afternoon, (which I thoroughly enjoy) but I know that I probably need to go to bed earlier. Your papi has been staying up with me, and I know that is about to change.
You are only two weeks old, so it is kind of early, but I am going to go ahead and say you are an easy baby! Your hermano Marcelo was sooooooo easy, and you seem to be following in his footsteps. (knock on wood)
Like him, you don't cry much. Maybe that is because I am right there to pick you up when you start stirring. You whimper and groan for a few minutes to let me know you are hungry. This happens only every few hours. You eat for 10 minutes and then it's back to sleep. You are definitely an efficient eater.
Good eater, great sleeper and easy to console = EASY BABY!! Yeah, that is you.
Your eyes are opening more this week, but I am wondering when you will stay awake for any length of time.
You have only showed us what your lungs can do a couple times. Once the minute you were born, and unfortunately one time was because you were hurt/scared. By accident, Marcelo who was laying right beside you, moved his forearm quickly and hit you in the forehead. You let out a horrible wail, I freaked out and it scared Marcelo. He said "I sorry", but it happened so fast I know he didn't realize what had happened. Like I said, it was an accident. I was right there, but I didn't see it coming. I picked you up immediately and you calmed down right away. There was a little red mark, but it faded fast. I felt so bad for you, but couldn't be mad at Marcelo. He has been very nice to you, sweet even. For as rough as your hermanos are with each other, they have been super gentle with you.
Your oldest hermano is extra sweet. "Do you want to see our baby?" He asks everyone he meets. "She is so sweet and tiny. Her name is Paloma." (said with perfect Spanish pronunciation)
He wants to hold you ALL. THE. TIME. and when you are sleeping in your swing (which is the better part of the day) he will hit the stop button, give you a few kisses and then turn it back on.
Welcoming a new sister can be hard for toddlers, but your brothers have handled it seamlessly. No jealousy that I can tell. I credit that to them having each other to fight play with. Also the fact that Marcelo is talking makes a HUGE difference. (Mateo was not talking when we brought Marcelo home and it was a tough transition for a week or so.)
These guys are always excited to see you and have been totally understanding when I am feeding you.
On Wednesday, your papi had his official first day of work for the Christmas season.
He misses you so much when he is gone all day. First thing he does when he walks in after work is kisses tus hermanos and your mami, then washes his hands so he can pick you up. You are so cozy and content on your papi. He is pretty tired when he gets home and has been your napping partner on several occasions.
It has been just me you and tus hermanos for the last few days and we have had a great time. Your mami has a lot more energy and a "can do attitude" ever since you were born. I think I realize now how much being pregnant can slow you down. (I was very unmotivated before I left to sit in the hospital for 10 days.)
I am painting your little bassinet mint green (a project I was meaning to do before you were born) and for the first coat I made it a family activity.
You had your first picnic in the park. (in Virginia Highlands) You slept.
Your tios Brrrian y Kyja drove down from Asheville to visit you.
We had a bonfire at the neighbors and we cooked hot dogs and smores. You slept.
The next day we walked over to the Grant Park Charter school for the Fall Festival.
The boys rode ponies. You slept

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. My good little sleeper, I am enjoying this easy, carefree time with you.
You are so beautiful and I am feeling like the luckiest mami alive.
Te quiero mucho mamacita,
tu mami


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