Saturday, October 31, 2015


Querida Paloma
I cannot believe that you have been with us four weeks already. I would say this video pretty much sums up your life so far...
Seriously. And this might be why you keep getting cuter and cuter every day. Pure beauty sleep.
Mi have changed a lot.

You still feel so new to me, yet we are so in tune with each other you would think we have been together a long time. You love to be close to mami and I can't get enough of you.
I know some mamis who are not huge fans of the infant stage, and although it will be exciting when you are more aware of things, I loooooooove this stage. I don't mind being chained to you 24/7 for breastfeeding, it's no trouble at all. It's just too sweet. You only realize how easy an infant is after you have a toddler. When people tell me to enjoy this time, I know what they mean. I hold you as much as possible, but your hermanos are full throttle the whole day and so you end up swinging a lot . (As you can see in the video above though, you are totally content with this.)
You are so easy. Eat. Sleep. Poop. Repeat.
You sleep for hours in your car seat too. I have left the house with you sleeping, gone shopping and arrive home and you are still out.  A couple rides you have screamed the last 5 minutes, oh your little cry. It breaks my heart. Luckily it is not too often when I have to hear it.
You are so easily consoled. I have a couple chupers (pacifiers) on hand, but have not needed one yet. Mami is a big advocate of chupers, so when you are ready for one, Ill be right there to give it to you!

When we are out in our neighborhood I keep you close in my moby wrap. I really prefer my ergo carrier as it's more comfortable for me, (and WAY easier to get on) but at this size you seem happy curled up in the giving fabric of the Moby. Snug as a bug in a rug.
Yeah, isn't that "diaper bag" awesome. Straight outta India (thanks Nameeta!) Diapers and wipes are all I carry for you...although I do think I should start throwing in a change of clothes too...I know some big blowouts are in your future. You have had some gas and have been squirming and grunting a lot, but it's not enough to keep you awake nor are you crying about it. We gave you a little gripe water too and I think that has helped.
Occasionally you spit up. Once it was a catalyst for a bath (your 2nd bath). This time you weren't terribly happy about it. But as soon as mami wrapped you up in a blanket and started kissing your face you quieted down. You are so easy to console.
I oiled you up because your legs and feet are so flaky.
You smelled so good and your hair was fluffy and full. You opened your eyes and I captured one of your cutest photos yet.
Oh my sweet baby girl. I love you so much.
Some of our nights look like this...
...tus hermanos are in bed and it's so cozy and relaxing to have you sleep on me. Your papi also loves this so we take turns. Lately, I have been drinking an extra coffee in the afternoon so maybe I can get some blogging done, but your papi and I are watching season 2 of The Affair and so the blog is coming along slowly (but surely!).
You will be one month old in just a few days my little smirker! I wonder how much longer untill you give me an official (intentional) smile.
Te quiero mucho mi amor
tu mami

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  1. What great writing! I totally hear your voice. I loved the comment about loving the infant stage after dealing with the toddler!! Lol! I cannot wait to know our fellow lady, Paloma! Xo


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