Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mateo's Garbage Truck Birthday!

We had a cute little party for Mateo on his birthday.  And then flew to San Diego the next morning.   My computer was on the fritz while we were out there, (still isn't quite right) and so all the party pictures were trapped.
No.  More.

How is this little guy three already? He is such a character.  Makes me want to pull my hair out laugh every single day.  He is talking up a storm.  It blew up just one month before his birthday and just as we suspected...he will not stop!

We planned a little party with our neighbors and friends.  Of course it had to be a garbage truck birthday party, because this boy is OBSESSED!  Garbage trucks and trash cans are by far the most popular toys.  (and have been for almost a year!)  He can entertain himself hours.
That part is great.  What is not so great is that playing with said garbage trucks means there has to be trash.   And there's lots of it.  Here is a sampling.

At some point in the day (everyday!) this it is scattered all over my floor.
Sometimes I have to laugh at the things I will find in his trash cans/trucks.  Stuff laying around the house.  Can't leave any magazines around that I want to read, because this will be torn up.   A box of tissues doesn't last too long, and food isn't off limits either.  If it's small and lost, check in the garbage trucks.
Back to the party!
I made a little "MATEO" bunting and re-used the "Feliz Cumpleaños" bunting from his first birthday party.  Balloons.

Papi made a cute garbage truck out of construction paper.

Ernesto said he would take care of the food, and that he did.  He ordered tamales from a lady who makes them out of her home and they were delicious!!  We just had to take care of the salsas, beans... and the cake!  I baked a chocolate box cake with homemade  buttercream frosting.  Ernesto drew a simple little design guessed it...a garbage truck!

He was so excited to blow out his candles.  We lit candles for a week so he could practice blowing them out.  Needless to say, he is pretty good at it.

He got a race car, a remote control monster truck, puzzles, and more!  

His favorite present though?  You guessed it......


Of course we kept the piñata tradition alive and bought a huge star from the Mexican store near us.

This guy is a great swinger.  We are going to have to put him in little league soon! 

All the kids gave it a smack or two and finally it BURST!

Honestly, the piñata was sorta chafa looking, but the kids didn't notice.  It was filled with candy which is all they care about.

We layed blankets out on the grass weeds and brought the toy baskets out to encourage the kids to stay outside with the adults. 
The party was a success!  The only bad/sad part was that it was the last time to enjoy the company of my wonderful neighbors - the Canias.   Beth and I became so close over the past couple years, I am seriously sad without her.

They packed up and moved to New York when we were in San Diego. We have spent the last two years stay-at-home parenting together and I can't tell you what a sanity-saver it is to have another mom with kids your age just outside your door.  They lived just 5 houses down and their house is for sale. They can never be replaced.  Best.  Neighbors.  Ever!  I wish them success (of course!) but Im [not so] secretly hoping they move back to Atlanta. 

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