Monday, June 02, 2014

Surfing Craigslist San Diego!

You know I had to!  I have some peeps here that say there is nothing good on San Diego Craigslist....and I beg to differ!!  Unfortunately, since it took me a week to pull this post together and publish most of these listings are already expired, which means other people agreed with my picks!  But let's take a look anyway.  

Let's start with this rug shall we? 
Although not a steal (and definitely out of my budget) may be just the statement piece one of my San Diego readers is looking for. Its huge!  12 x 16 so I guess the $1200 should be expected for an all wool rug.  Look at the colors on this beauty!  If you have the space for thing you should see if they are willing to deal.  This would be a show stopper!

Remember this beautiful couch from Anthropologie?

Well you could have it right here for $40.  

Even with the cost of upholstering and new fabric, this would be a steal.  And a gem.  I would do blue again.  So pretty.  I really could go on and on with the cool couches.  Here are 5 more options for you. 

1. The shape of this sofa is so great and it looks to be in great shape.  I would recover it of course, although this print doesn't really offend me.  Strange but true.
2. Check out this vintage couch (midcentury lines) covered in cowhide.  I know!  And its only $400.  Please, I beg of you, go get this thing!  It might not look good in everyones home, but it could work.  I mean it's black and white. And $400!? 
3.  This is the Petrie couch from Crate & Barrel and sells for $1600 new.  I have sat on it (leather version) in the store and it is quite roomy and comfortable.  Seller says there is some fading due to sun, but you could recover that and have a nice couch for $1000. 
4.  I love this couch for the length and its square body.  Recovered, of course, but it looks crazy comfy. 
5. This vintage gold velvet couch is beautiful!  Recover it is a jewel tone velvet or go with a neutral linen. Looks like it is down filled and comfy. 

This grand headboard [and bench] got me excited when I saw it. 

It would be just perfect under the chandelier in my bedroom!   Unfortunately the bench was not included (already sold) but they were only asking $200 for headboard and it comes with the mirror.  I was thinking I could find out how much to ship it, but I was too slow anyway.  It's gone!

Here is another ornate beauty!  This Hollywood Regency set is awesome!  I know some of you are shaking your head, but I would so love it in my room!

For $700 you get the Mad Men swag lamps, the tufted headboard AND bench, bedspread and candelabra sconce over the bed (I would not use bedspread or sconce).  I know it is a bit much, but I could totally tone it down with white walls and I would possible paint some of the gold.

I have been looking for more mid century modern furniture for my master, but this goes to show how versatile I am.  Ha!  (or flakey!) This is still mid century.  What can I say?  I like a lot of different styles so who knows what I will end up with.

This pair of Milo Baughman style chairs is too cool...$75 for both. So easy and so cute.

This vintage fold out couch/bed would be perfect in an office/guest room.  Recovered of course.  I love the shape of it and it looks like it is on casters.  Perfect for a quick rearrange when the guests are in town. 

2 Baker Campaign dressers?  Do I even have to explain?  Someone go get these beauties for $300!!! 

This may not be in the right decade to be considered cool, but there is just something about it.  I think with the right furnishings, it could be great.  And at just $40, why not give it a try? 
Not sure? Well, you're too late anyway.  Someone had my vision and purchased it. 

OK, these next two are in LA, but sooooo worth the drive.  Its only two hours. 

I would love to have these chairs. The set with the table is $600, which I think is an ok deal for a very unique dining set.  You would probably spend more at Rooms to Go...and Im pretty sure it wouldn't be this cool.  

The chairs remind me of the chairs in Nate Berkus' NY apartment. (featured in Lonny a few months ago)  Ok, Not as nice, not even the same shape...but reminiscent right? Very cool none the less.
This vintage dining set is a steal at $200.

 I am not a huge fan of the table, but the chairs are killer.  I would put them with a wood table.  It says they are leather, but they kind of look like vinyl.  Still cool, but if they are leather, way cooler.

This mid century modern dresser looks to be in great shape and although at $325 (OBO) I don't think its the deal of the century, its a darn good price for a well made versatile piece.  You could put this in any room of the house. 

This mid century set is a steal (and still avail as of now), so hurry ....$200 for all four pieces. 

Again not a deal, but this vintage Martinsville set is something, that if I saw it in Atlanta, I would somehow justify the $900 price tag.  Look. At. This. Beauty!!!

Unbelievable, right?  And the nightstands?? Ugh!
 If only... Paul's Shuttle operated out of California.

This king headboard ($125) would be the perfect frame for a DIY tufted headboard.  

Again, would love to find this in Atlanta instead of having Ernesto cut out the frame for me.  (which has been my idea for the last couple years)  Obviously that is not a priority, so buying one (for $125) would be great!

And with that, I think I will cut this post off.  I could go on and on, but there is a little taste of San Diego Craigslist.
Not bad and all.

Have you found anything great on Craigslist recently??
If you have a city request for me to stalk just leave it in the comments!!

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  1. Awesome finds! I especially love those pink chairs... They would be perfect in my office! I hope you are having a lovely vacation! It sure looks like you're having a blast. :)


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