Thursday, June 19, 2014

Daydreaming about an RV!

Longer posts are in the works here at VC, but I thought I would post really quickly today.  This is totally random and a perfect example of how I get easily sidetracked.  I was searching Canton Craigslist for a queen headboard [for my sis-in-law] and this came up in the search:
A 1994 Holiday Rambler with only 35K miles.  Like I said, totally random.  They are asking $12k.  Thats good right?  It seems a small price to pay for basically a house on wheels. When I was growing up we traveled in a van.  Five kids hello?  Of course we had a van!  My parents were adventurous and did some big roads trips. I would love to create these kind of memories for my kids.  I could totally imagine my little family going across country in one of these.  Or how about out of the country?  I would love love love to drive to South America one day!  What an adventure that would be!  No deadlines to get to abuela's house in San Diego.  I'd probably add a trailer for all the Craigslist scores I would find along the way.  Stop where ever we want for how long we want?
(Are you down mi amor?You better say yes!)

The other thing that gets me excited when thinking about this is re-vamping the inside.  Its like a new house to decorate.  I would totally pimp this out (in a tasteful way)!  It would be so fun!  Let's take a look and imagine, shall we?

This little kitchen could easily be updated.  Paint and new hardware would be a huge improvement, or heck, just buy some new cabinets all together.  

 Its such a small area, it wouldn't cost much.  While I was at it, I would get a remnant piece of marble or quartz for the counter top.  Might as well tile the backsplash too, that wall looks nasty. 

I would have the front seats reupholstered and recover the back chairs in a fun/durable fabric. 
 It comes with this pullout couch/bed, which would be fine, recovered, but who wants just fine? I could /would easily get a cuter couch.  Ditto that for the curtains you see in the corner here.
Yeah, any existing fabric carpet would be replaced.  I want this thing to look new and make me happy when I get inside.  Add some cute wall paper and and awesome rug in front of the couch and you have a beautiful home on wheels.  And notice the brass shower fixture.  I think it was meant to be!

So what do you think?  Can you see my vision?  Would you guys be into taking a long trip in an RV?
Or maybe you have already done it and have some tips.  I don't want to hear anything negative right now though, Im all starry eyed about this idea for for today.

ps.  This Crusie Master is pretty awesome too.


  1. I am sooo with you! I think it would be a blast to fix one up! Did you buy it?! ;)

  2. You might want to remodel the timing belt and fuel pump while you are at it!


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