Tuesday, May 20, 2014

From Ohio to San Diego!

{my partners in crime after a full day of sale-ing}

Ernesto and I split up at the airport last week.  He flew with Mateo to San Diego and left him at abuela y tatas for a few days while he went to Vegas for a golf tournament.  I flew to Canton with Marcelo for the girls annual yard sales extravaganza.  Fun was had by all! 

I am sure you are dying to know what I scored at the yard sales.  I won't bore you with the slew of cute clothing I got for the boys, the little gray converse shoes for Marcelo and the mango wood tray for me...but the 5x8 (ish) Bolivian Alpaca is worth bragging about! 

There was a sticker on it saying "make offer."
me: what kind of offer are you expecting?
them: oh I don't know, how much were you thinking?
me: not very much
them:  oh just say something
(although I was thinking I would say $10 for a lowball offer which they would counter, but I spit out...)
me:  $5?
them: sounds good
Five years ago, I gave my friend $300 to buy me one for my [queen size] bed while she was in Peru (where she is from) and she could not do it.  They were much more expensive!  Again I say...SCORE!  It is soft and luxurious and although has a couple small tears at seams [that I can stitch easily] it is clean and pretty perfect.

That was my best find of the day, but I have to say I am really excited for the plants I bought too.  
(I am my mothers daughter)
Yes, I bought plants in Ohio so I could check them on the plane to California and take care of them for several weeks before returning to Georgia to plant them in my garden.  That is, if they are still alive I will plant them.  
Since I was already checking plants, I dug up some favorites from my mom's garden too.  So I will be coming home with several succulents, lady's mantle, dwarf iris, sedum, and lupine.  Add those to the    jade plants and succulents I always get when I am in San Diego and I will have quite the shipment.   

Beside the yard sales I hit a few thrift stores.  Goodwill in Ohio have some deal with Target and they sell brand new stuff from the store.  I bought 2 huge Nate Berkus bath towels (regularly $25) for $5, a couple summer dresses, a small couch bag for $6 and these two beauties.

Is is just me or is the thrifting pretty good in Ohio? 

You may have seen on my Instagram that I was having a hard time getting on a flight from Atlanta to San Diego, but I am happy to report that Marcelo and I arrived Sunday morning!
Oh the magic of flying!  Thank you Delta!   I am so happy to be reunited with the rest of my little family.  
Although life was a lot easier with one little boy for 5 days,  it was tooooo long to be separated from the other little boy!  Abuela said that Mateo was very very well behaved the whole time.  He didn't whine at mimi (bed) time or get out of bed once the lights were out,  he sat still to eat all of his food, and he didn't want the ipad much.  Abuela es bueno! I am glad he got to spend quality time with her [and tata!] plus he played a lot with his primos too!

We will probably be out here for 2-3 weeks.  No plans yet (shocker!), but the weather is PERFECT right now!  Im sure we will do all of our regular fun San Diego things like go to the beach, climb the mountain,  hang out in La Jolla,  and stuff ourselves with the best Mexican food!  (right here at casa Espinoza) We are also thinking its about time Mateo experiences Sea World.  Updates to come!!

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  1. Love the mirror! And that alpaca... what a find! Have fun in San Diego... we love that city, it's one of our favorite places to visit.


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