Monday, October 07, 2013

Weekend Pumpkin Patch Trip!

Happy Monday! What did you guys do this weekend?  Ernesto and I took Mateo to the Zoo Saturday morning.  (Marcelo went too, but he slept the whole time in the baby carrier)  There was a 'new member' party, complete with a DJ, coffee and donuts and FREE TRAIN RIDES! Oh my!

Ernesto went golfing later so by the time the kids were in bed (7:30p) I had to get out of the house.
A quick trip to TJMaxx and Whole Foods was just enough.

Sunday we made our weekly stroll to the Grant Park Farmer Market.  I can't go without my apricot & ginger scone from The Little Tart Bakeshop!!  We made a quick stop at the playground so Mateo could wear himself out and by noon we set out for our little day trip to Burt's Pumpkin Patch Farm in Dawsonville, GA.   Although it is 1.5 hours away, it was worth it.  Both boys passed out 10 minutes into the trip, so it was a relaxing ride for all of us.

We learned about Burt's on Good Day Atlanta, but had no idea how huge a deal this place was.
Last year we stayed "in town" for pumpkins at  Brookhaven Christian Church.  They had a nice selection and I surprised myself by wanting so many pumpkins.  This year was no different, in fact, it was worse.  Once I saw all of the beautiful pumpkins, I wanted them all. With all the colors, shapes and sizes I was having a hard time deciding.

I especially liked the gray/robin's egg blue and bright bright orange pumpkins.
But what really gets me are the little cute!
This guy was overwhelmed too.  With all the people and pumpkins, it took him a while to even get out of the stroller.

With a selection this big, and pumpkins this big, it's best to grab one of the many wheelbarrows  on the grounds.

Wheelbarrows and tractors, this little mexi-can had a good time.

Next up!  The hay-ride...this is what we traveled 90 miles to do!  Adults $5 and kids $4, it was a 20 minute ride and the line was long, but moved fast.  They had one tractor ride after another.
The ride went through the actual pumpkin patch, which was pretty cool, but then there were some cheese-ball decorations for the kids.  Mateo was pretty quiet and mesmerized by the tractor. 
 My little pumpkin stayed behind with papi.

Sure!  We will sit on your haystacks and give you some publicity too.  Why not?

In the end, Ernesto put a limit on the pumpkins, which was probably a good idea.  The more I looked the more I thought "I think this one looks better."  We drove away with these:

...and I can't wait to carve the two bigger ones!

Burt's Farm is just 1/4 mile down the road from Amicalola Falls State Park.  As the name implies, there is a waterfall in the park.  Brrrian, Neto and I went hiking there back in 2010, and it is beautiful.
Yesterday though, we weren't planning on a hike.  Still, we pushed the stroller as far as the trail goes and the steep stairs start.  (so glad we have a BOB)

Ernesto and Mateo continued on up to the viewing deck while I waited with Marcelo.  We snapped this shot at the bottom.

We will have to plan another trip to this park.  This time with hiking shoes instead of flip flops.  I noticed they even have cabins you can rent at the top of the falls.  Another NewYears Eve in the mountains sounds good!

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