Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hair Cut Gone Awry!

My sister always says she will never cut her hair short.  She thinks short hair ages you.
Well Fred, here is proof that this is not true!
Mateo looks like he is one year old again.  As a mater of fact, it's more like 11 months. See?

We made an appointment at Salon Red Kidsthe same place, he has gone before.   Unfortunately, the stylist, Vee, who had done it was not available.   We loved how she cut his hair, but assumed all of the stylists would be able to handle a simple trim. 
{haircut by Vee back in June}
 I told her specifically "I want the same style just shorter.  We did want to go a little bit shorter this time so we don't have to take him every  six weeks.  Ernesto actually thought maybe we should try a short haircut but I vetoed that. 
I thought I had vetoed that, but actually, the "new" stylist vetoed me. 
She did what she wanted to do.  I just don't understand how it happened.  It boggles my mind. In a matter of minutes we were on our way to short preppy hair. I like Mateo's hair little bit longer, it just fits his crazy personality.  

Ernesto had gone for a walk and as I sat there watching the girl trim his hair I noticed that she cut a lot off the back.  Then she started trimming layers really really short over his ears and the back which I specifically told her "I do not want a haircut that is nice and neat over the ears and perfect in the back."

 I felt like I wanted to scream!  My stomach felt a little bit weird, but it was too late. I finally spoke up and she said "I know, It's shorter than I wanted, but it was my reflexes-when he was moving around I cut quite a bit of the back." 

One bad snip and you decide to cut everything off?? Without asking me??

Ernesto walked back into the salon and started laughing.  He said "Wow look at that short hair!  Why did you change your mind??"

 "I didn't" I said in a matter of fact tone. 

Ernesto said he loved it and I'm sure a big sigh of relief came over the stylist. 

 I thought that I had a new son.  He looks so different. Mateo didn't even recognize himself. This was his reaction upon seeing himself in the mirror for the first time. 
I am getting used to it now. It's a nice cut, it was just a little shocking.  Its cute it's cute it's cute...and it will grow out again.  It will, you watch. 

There is no doubt my baby looks beautiful with any hairdo. In fact this one really shows off his beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes.  

Marcelo likes it because he looks more like his big brother now. 

ps.  Can any hair stylists out there tell me what I did wrong?  Is there another word for trim that is more clear?

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  1. You have to be VERY specific in terms of inches Fred! I have learned that the hard way with the Schnauzers haha. The picture of the reveal to him made me laugh so hard! What a great reaction!!! He looks so cute no matter which haircut!


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