Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mi Querido Mateo

Querido Mateo,
My sweet baby boy.  Oh how I love you. 
As your mama types this, I am just one day away from my due date with your hermana/o.  I am so excited for you to be a big brother, yet a little sad that you will have to share the attention of tus padres so soon.  You have no idea what is coming and don't really have a handle on the whole sharing thing yet.  Hopefully, like every other change that has come about in your short lifetime, you will adjust easily.  Maybe it will be me that has the hard time adjusting, but loving someone else as much as I love you won't ever be bad. 

I can't believe what a character you have turned into.  You make your papi and I laugh every. single. day.  Your words are still few, but you know exactly what you want and will stop at nothing to get it. 
You tell us where to sit by pointing on the chair/floor and if we are not listening to you, you use your  hands to turn our face toward you.  If we pretend to be sleeping you kiss us to wake us up.  

You love playing with your Legos, doing puzzles, cooking in your kitchen, playing in the sand box and helping papi work in the yard.  You love watching/listening to nursery rhymes and can't watch videos of yourself enough.  Talking on the phone and facetime get you so excited too.  You recognize all of the picture IDs on the phone and know exactly who you are calling.  You work both the ipad/iphone like a seasoned pro. 

On Tuesdays you love greeting all three garbage trucks that come to our house.  When you hear them coming you put our finger in the air as to say "Listen mama! Here come the trucks!"  You wave to the workers and they wave and toot the horn at you.  We watch them load the trash all the way down the street and when they turn the corner, they turn around to wave bye to you. 

Wheels on the bus is by far your favorite song/book/video.  You know all of the motions although you are too shy/too busy watching others to do them at storytime.  

Your visual/hand signs are so spot on that I sometimes wonder if that is why you are not talking more. Still your papi and I aren't worried at all.  You have proven yourself to be one smart cookie.  You already understand both Spanish and English, read about 50 books a day and although you are not "trained" yet, love to go pee pee in the potty.  Just take a look at these cute videos of yourself.  

But first, let me tell you, mi amor, that you are my world.  You amaze me everyday and even though you wear me out, there is no where I would rather be than with you.  

Te quiero mucho mucho mucho,
tu mama

**Notice in the following video, that when you are done reading yourself one book, you sign "more" to yourself so you will read it again.  Too funny! Of course you didn't know your mama was watching.

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