Friday, March 29, 2013

{Before & After} Mint Green Ombré Etageres

A couple weeks ago when my parents were here we finally tackled painting the etagere shelves that I picked up at at yard sale [back in August] for just $20!!

The shelves are from Bombay Company and are solid, well constructed pieces.  They were a dark wood (with a reddish tint-yuck!) with metal bars that had a shabby finish.

Here they are in their perfect spot in the dining room. (Sorry for the crappy dark photo)

Months ago, I used Rub n Buff Gold Leaf on the metal bars and love the finished look.  It was a huge improvement, but the shelves needed to be freshened up as well.  I had some inspiration for mint green, mainly this chest.  (Thanks Treff!)

{via Pinterest}
I love the bold color and of course the brass is icing on the cake. I could not trace this pin to find the actual color, so I started a search for just the right mint green.  I came up with these 2 color pallets from Behr paints.

I love both of these, however, the palette on the left is more turquoise, which I have done before.  I wanted to try something new! Something minty and fresh!  Plus this [more minty] palette really goes nicely with my living room inspiration piece! Remember my painting?

I bought small samples of each color.  Once I had them home, and did a little test on paper.  I knew they would work perfectly.....all of them!
{Behr colors- window pane, sea foam pearl, reef green, intense jade}

Nope, I couldn't pick just one.  Look how pretty they are together.  I had an idea.  Ombré!

Ombré, is a French word that literally means gradation.  We have been seeing this trend for a while now, and I have always been a fan.  Here was my chance to do it!

This wasn't a quick project.  I had twelve shelves that all needed sanded.  I broke out the electric hand sander and it sped up the process considerably.

Next step was to prime them.  I used oil-based Zinsser.  This stuff is great, albeight stinky!  Make sure you are painting outside.

To save on paint I actually ended up using the small samples.  I bought 2 of each ($6 each color, $18 total).  This was enough to give them three coats. They come in a flat paint, but with a glossy polyurethane topcoat (which I already had a can leftover from a previous project), it worked perfectly.  
I layed them on the deck and used a foam roller.  It was a very quick process.  Flat paint dries quickly.

Polyurethane on the other hand, is very slow to dry.  24 hours between coats (I put two) Plus, after it is dry to the touch, you still need to wait a few days before setting anything on the furniture.  This painting and waiting to cure took me about a week to complete.

So, so worth the wait!

I must say, they turned out so beautifully.  I am loving them against my light gray walls.  There are 6 shelves, so I used three colors. (two shelves each)  Starting with the lightest at the top, the mint gets even minty-eri at the floor!

I have yet to style them up, but that is on the agenda for next week!!

We are getting on a flight for Ohio this morning to spend Easter with my family.  I can't wait!
Hope you have a great weekend too.


  1. looks great! the mint really makes the gold pop even more!!

  2. Wow! I love these! (Saw the link on YHL and had to pop over to see them!) I am obsessed with mint green right now. Such a great color.

  3. Just found my way over from YHL... love your before and afters, especially this one and the fur stool and the campaign dresser. You've got some serious style! ;) I wish there was an easier way to navigate your blog so I can check out all your great DIYs and house tour (please?!?).

  4. Ombre isn't normally something I go for, but I really like these! Nice work! I also found you via YHL, by the way. Can't wait to dig through some of your other posts!

  5. they are so retro cool!

    visiting via MMS and would love to have you come visit us back

    have a wonderful weekend, lovely blogger.


  6. This is so awesome. i have been wanting some of these for my home and they can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. I don't know if I would have been able to give them to my parents!

    1. hi jstacie
      i think you misunderstood...i DID NOT (could not) give them to my mom did help me with the project though:)

  7. This is GORGEOUS!!! Totally inspired to paint something ombre now! Well done!

  8. These are absolutely amazing!!! I'm smitten!

  9. These are beautiful! Great idea!

  10. Wonderful job you did, really appreciated and green etageres is looking amazing. In case you need info about discount furniture collection take a look at here.

  11. Were the last two reef green or intense jade?


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