Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas, Christmas Time is Near

 We are just one week away from Christmas, can you believe it?  I can.  It is around this time every year that we actually start enjoying the season.  Don't get me wrong, we love making money and the craziness that goes along with our Christmas lighting business, but we are always sooooooo ready for it all to come to an end so we can spend quality time together again...and do what Espinoza's do best.  Relax of course. 
We took the first day that Ernesto was free of xmas light duties and headed to Lenox Mall to visit Santa Claus.  We weren't even sure if Mateo would sit on his lap long enough for a picture, but wanted to give it a go anyway.  He actually was scared stiff.   He didn't move or make a peep (which is very unusual for him).  Unfortunately, we could not get a smile out of him, but he still looks pretty darn cute, right?

We did some Christmas shopping and ate lunch at the Tavern at Phipps (delicious!)

Since we are heading to Ohio this week for a white Christmas (I hope!) we needed to find our little Mexi-can something warm to wear.   We found these 2 coats at the Gap and could hardly choose, they were both so cute.

My favorite was the hooded one with fur, and Ernesto's was the leather bomber.  Needless to say we bought my favorite.  If we were just shopping for Atlanta's winter I think the leather would've been perfect, but the other is definitely made for the cold.  
Bonus:  It was on sale with an extra 30% off of that.  That sounds great, but it was still more than I would usually pay for kids clothes, but the cuteness really got me this time.

We ran into Toys R Us to let Mateo "show us" what he wants.  There was no question that his favorite thing in the whole store was this Mini Cooper. 
He cried when we left.  No, we are not buying the over priced motorized car, but we may have to come up with a fun alternative.  He was having so much fun!  This boy loves cars and tooting horns.

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