Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Baby Gear

I feel like the luckiest pregnant girl ever!  Besides feeling like a million bucks for the last 8 months, I had not one, but two baby showers and everyone was so generous!  Besides all of the baby gear I received at my Ohio baby shower, I have a ton of gift cards from my San Diego baby shower, and have enough to buy everything I need for baby.
While my mom was here last week [for our house closing that didn't happen] we went to Babies R Us to do some shopping.

As it turns out, I was not really ready to commit to the "big stuff."  Maybe part of this is that we are not in a house yet, but really I think the problem is that I am a chronic bargain hunter.  I search craigslist  [like it is my job] for furniture and baby stuff and now I am finding it hard to buy some things brand new when I know I can get it lightly used for less than half price.   

Do any of you moms out there feel this way?

I realize that because I have gift cards, Im not really spending money out of my own pocket,  [and that is why I was given them] but I would still like to spend wisely.  Purposefully.  Baby supplies are used for such a short time, it seems silly to buy everything brand new.

Despite all this, I picked up the Arm's Reach Co-sleeper with one of my gift cards.  (I may still buy one used and return this, but I felt I had to buy SOMETHING since we drove all the way to the store.  The only other things I bought were Dr. Brown's bottles, sheets and some storage baskets.)  It has great reviews and is cute to boot!  I will also buy a good little mattress to go inside as the one it comes with is pretty thin.
We are planning to keep baby by our bedside at the beginning because we will have an influx of guests and would like to let them have a room with adjoining bath for their stay.  Plus, I like the idea of being able to check on the baby/feed without getting out of bed at night. 

I can't shake the feeling that I overpaid for this bassinet, but on the other hand I have gotten so many bargains elsewhere that it balances out!  For example, I bought this Turquoise Bumbo Seat for $3 at a local thrift shop.  This sells for $40 elsewhere!  Many mothers have raved over this, while others claim it is a waste of money and you only end up using it for a few weeks.   I don't think I could regret spending $3, even if I only use it for one week!
More Bargains
Have you guys ever heard of Scoutmob?  It is a discount program similar to Groupon in that you recieve daily "deals" through email or your smart phone.  Unlike Groupon though, you don't have to put any money up front, you can simply go to the restaurant/store and use the 50% off deal by showing the coupon on your phone to the cashier.  (We use it a lot when we go out to eat!)

About a month ago B. Braithwaite had an offer for 50% off one item in their store.  B. Braithwaite is a beautiful, high end baby boutique in West Midtown.   I had been in there before, and I love what they carry, but it is out of my price range.  With the coupon though I was able to get a deal.  I bought the ERGO baby Carrier for half off!  This carrier comes highly recommended from a couple mommy friends and I think it will be a great alternative to the stroller when Ernesto and I are out and about.  

I also registered for the 100% cotton Moby Wrap carrier and my sweet cousin sent it to me a couple weeks ago. (Thanks Laura!)  I remember seeing many moms walking around art shows wearing their babies in it.  I thought it was so unique and stylish, like a cute wrap shirt.  There are several ways to tie it and I have read that it takes some practice, but I am excited about trying it out.  I envision myself wearing the little one around the house so I can have my hands free.
The other day Ernesto and I drove 25 miles north of Atlanta to check out this warehouse in Duluth. They sell a myriad of goods wholesale, on ebay and on craigslist, which is where I found out about it.  I saw an add for the BOB Revolution Stroller for just $279!  (Yes, still expensive, but a bargain compared to the $450 they want on Amazon)   As it turns out, the guy was out of them and is expecting another shipment in a couple weeks.  He took my name/phone number and promised he will set one aside for me! Yeah!!! 

The warehouse is HUGE and not organized in the least.  I love searching for a gem [which is why I love Tjmaxx, thrift stores and yard sales.]  When I find a good deal, it's a rush! My digging paid off and I found this Mamaroo Swing which sells on Amazon for $198.   I paid $40!
Supposedly the Cadillac of baby swings, this thing has great reviews.  It can move in three directions: back and forth, side to side and up and down.  Additionally, the MamaRoo can emulate five kinds of motion, [including car ride and a kangaroo] and has different sounds, one being ocean waves and white noise.  Alternatively you can plug your ipod in for your choice of music.  The colors are not my top choice, but for $40 bucks I couldn't pass it up.

I also got this awesome  Skip Hop Diaper Bag  [that retails for $70] for only $2!! The strap tore off one side and needs sewn back on, but otherwise it is perfect!  I love that it looks like a purse. 
I haven't bought the crib yet, but I am leaning toward the Jenny Lind because I love the vintage look and the storage possibilities underneath.  I like both the white and the ebony...hmmmm.

There is a huge sale starting today on baby/kids stuff in Atlanta called Kidsignments.
The bi-annual sale is held in 2 separate buildings and the local news has been reporting live all morning.  (Apparently a very big deal) It is only held twice a year and people were waiting for hours in line to get in when it opened at 10 am.  Although it is probably 30-40 north of me, Im sure it would be worth my drive.  Ill have to make a list of what I still need and make the trek.  Ill let you know what I score!


  1. http://joannagoddard.blogspot.com/2011/08/motherhood-mondays-what-to-register-for.html#more

    i was just reading my blogs and thinkin of you... seems you're pretty set already but just in case... <3 L

  2. Thanks Lauren! I just read Joannas list yesterday and added couple things to my list. thanks!

  3. Some of the good gadgets for both mum and children. Good choices their.


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