Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fabric Search for My Vintage Chairs

Back in July, when I was in Ohio for my baby shower, I saw this chair in my parents basement. There are two of them and they are truly vintage chairs. 
The original fabric was a bright gold. There are pictures of me and my siblings on these when we were little. (I will have to dig them up to show you).  My mom reupholstered them herself a long time ago and then a few years ago they were moved to the basement.   I sat down and realized, these are really comfy chairs, and I like square shape. 

Not exactly mid-century modern, but if I get them recovered leaving off the skirt and add tapered legs...hmmmm...I started thinking maybe they could look closer to this: 
Ok, maybe these are closer to the shape (no, not the fabric)
I contacted a few upholsters here in Atlanta and got a pretty good quote of $500 for both chairs.  So the hunt was on!   The best fabric store in Atlanta (in my opinion) for a variety of gorgeous designer fabrics is Forsyth Fabrics, I knew that I needed to find a real deal on the fabric (I need 14 yards!) since I am splurging on paying someone to recover them.

You want deals on fabric?  That mean Fabric World.  It is a bit of a trek (out to Stone Mountain) I have no idea where this guy gets his selections, but it's kind of like TJMaxx.  Never the same thing twice!  I have been there about 5 times and the selection is ever changing.  I still have not found the "right" fabric for the chairs yet, but I am determined to buy it here.   All of his fabric rolls are $3.99/yard!  That means I will spend less than $60 on fabric.
This is a *horrible* picture, but I want to show you the size of this place.
Besides the fabric on rolls, they have about 5-6 tables of remnants.  Anything on the tables is only $1.99/yard!  What a steal!  I can not lie.  I LOVE sorting through the piles to find a gem.....and that I did!  I spent only $52 for all of the following pieces off the remnant table....sizes range from one yard to 4.5 yards.   

My friend Aileen went with me and we started getting excited with all the cool fabrics.  Could this be the start of a little Etsy shop?? Have you seen how much pillows cost these days?  hmmm

I would like to use these yellow fabrics in a nursery ....someday:(
If we have a girl, I could do something really cool with all of these pink designs.  If not, I could just put them in a tub and never use them! ha!

I love this blue and white combo. 
I am crazy for chevron prints, one of these may cover my dining chairs.
This Robert Allen trellis fabric is highly popular in the blog world.  I think the cotton-linen blend would make awesome curtains, don"t you??
I swear I just saw this cockatoo design on a blog the other day.  Once I had it in my cart, a guy rushed  over to ask me ..."WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT?" He seemed like a designer, that made me feel good.  It is cool isn't it?  What will I do with it?  Who knows!
This piece of sturdy fabric was already cut to a perfect 4x6 rectangle.  I would like to make it into a rug! 
As it turns out, my fabric search for the vintage chairs continues.  I will wait a week and head back to Fabric World to see if I can find THE ONE! 
I wonder how much I will have to spend on fabric that I don't NEED until I find the fabric I do need??


  1. Make sure your fabric choice for the chairs compliments your mauve couch.

  2. I know what you mean, Cindy; I love that store. I only used one fabric out of the many I got there. Oh well, it was fun shopping.

  3. @ BILL (aka anonymous) for the 10th time, i don't want your ugly mauve couch! ha!
    @Mom -we will have to go again when you come down:)


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