Thursday, July 07, 2011

Summer and Family-Two of my Favorite Things!

{black eyed susan}
Hello everyone! Ernesto and I are at my parents house in Ohio.  My dad has been working on a back porch addition for months and Ernesto was able to help him get all the floor boards in places today. It looks great and is getting closer to completion. Paybacks are a comin' dad! (Yes, that means what you think it does....good news coming soon!)  Ha! We actually owe my parents weeks and weeks of help from our days with house number one in Atlanta, so Ernesto was more than happy to help.

Meanwhile, my mom and I made our regular "tour of the estate" (ie: walked around her gorgeous garden) and I admired all her hard work.  She is the gardening queen!  Her dedication is so inspiring.  I hope to one day have a garden as beautiful as hers, I picked out some plants that I would like to have [given to me]  for my yard. (hint, hint)

On a creative note, we hit JoAnn Fabrics and bought supplies for a cute little baby project.  I will be sharing it here on Viva Cindy, along with many other projects I have up my sleeve.  It's going to be a busy next few months! So exciting!

Also getting me excited, is the fact that my baby shower is on Saturday.  I can't wait to see what Barbie, Jenny and my mom have planned.  I look forward to seeing a lot of my aunts and cousins whom I haven't seen for many years...but thanks to Facebook we are in touch.

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  1. My goodness, that flower is pretty


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