Monday, December 28, 2009

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

{Brrrian's beautiful Dutch Shepard, Bruno, enjoys the snow}

If you are going to be in freezing weather, it might as well be snowing. Right? That is how I feel. Winters in Ohio are brutal, but the good thing is I am always guaranteed a white Christmas. Snow says Christmas to me and it makes this time of year all the more special. (It was almost 60 degrees in Atlanta when we left for Ohio)

Every year we have weather and flight [standby] issues, and as I sit here in the Canton airport business lounge watching the snow come down while I wait for my flight, I can hear my dad [sarcastically] saying:

"Well, I don't know why you would think you'd have problems flying a few days before
and after Christmas, the flights are usually wide open"

5 days straight of Arnold fun brought a lot of fun and memorable times. I think it calls for a listy-list accompanied by pictures, otherwise this post could be ridiculously long. Plus, I love making lists!


1. My mom's Hungarian traditions top my list. Homemade [Wellman] bread, mushroom soup, nut roll, and lepeny (a pizza looking pastry with sour cherries over a tapioca "sauce" on a pizza-ish crust)

2. Spending time with the most adorable baby ever, my new niece 'Cheeker-Cheekers'

3. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow......its the one time of the year that I like the cold.

4. Santa Claus coming to town.

5. My Madmen hairdo [compliments of my mom] with my new H&M flower clip.

6. Girls only photos!

Jenny and I laughing till we cry over our "milk or powdered creamer blind taste test."
Much to our surprise, we both failed at guessing which was which.

8. My mom looking so beautiful in her new outfit.
9. Getting excited when we finally could open our presents!

10. Barbie's delicious homemade chocolates (photo taken with my new Canon 50mm lens)
That wraps up my condensed listy-list of highlights at the Arnolds!
Not that presents are the focus on Christmas, but since I dearly love surprises, I still get excited like a little kid! Besides the Canon lens, I also received sexy [yet comfy] black pajamas, coffee,
a couple books on photography and travel writing, and a beautiful silver locket necklace from Ernesto. I hope your day was as happy as mine!

My only wish is that I could have seen my brother Tim and his family and that I could've seen Brrrian longer. (that is ok, we are planning to visit him in Asheville very soon)

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