Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New Discoveries

When you live in a new country, discoveries are a regular occurrence. Many activities- whether it’s paying your bills at the grocery store checkout or walking on the almost non-existent shoulder of a highway because there are no sidewalks- need some getting used to.
Mayonnaise in a squeeze bag, eggs sitting out on the counter, Retin-A without a prescription, kissing your co-workers (and everyone else you meet), throwing your toilet paper in the trash can, small talk with taxi drivers, milk in a box, getting directions with landmarks only? This one really took some getting used to. Even if the street has a name, the address and directions would not include it, you would say "from a certain landmark, 100 meters north and 300 meters west" A mailman? I have never seen one.
Nine months in San Jose, Costa Rica, and I’d say I'm well adjusted. I am adaptable.

I am not only making discoveries about a country, but about myself as well. I am starting to remember what it means to take care of household chores again. I know, I know, but I was really spoiled having a maid twice a week while living with Kate. No laundry or cleaning was such a luxury! Living in our own apartment has made me think...appreciate. Despite household chores, I feel like my quality of life has gotten better. We don't have a dryer in our apartment, and I'm feeling a relaxed nostalgia when hanging the clothes outside on our clothesline. Strange, yes, but my mom always did this when I was growing up and it feels good. I would have never guessed this. Washing the dishes by hand? Not so bad. Maybe it is because I am not rushing to do anything. These little chores are not as annoying as they might be if I had 5 millions other things that had to get done in a day.
I am a 2 minute walk from the park, the gym and the grocery store. We are cooking everynight, working out, playing cards or Bananagrams and watching movies. Enjoying life without stress. Yes this is what I want. (doesn't everyone?) Maybe its not "real life" but it's what I have right now, and Im not going to complain. I am a 'stop and smell the roses' kind of girl. Im not going to subscribe to a "rat race" life. No matter how backwards Costa Rica is, the slower pace suits me just fine.


  1. Thanks, Cindy. Just reading the post made me feel a bit more relaxed, though the part about kissing coworkers was somewhat disturbing, as mine are, without exception, 100% unkissable.

  2. It's the simple things that are worth the most. I'm glad you're having such a great time. Maybe you'll be ready to be a laid-back Ashevillian if you come back to the states. Looks like I'll have a floor for you to sleep on in my new housey!


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