Monday, March 09, 2009

Fiesta Nacional de Gallo Pinto

Fiesta Nacional de Gallo Pinto. In English that means "national party of beans and rice"
Free beans and rice to the first 10,000 people? There was no way we were going to miss out on that!

But yet, we did. They started serving at 9am and Mr. Crossfit insisted we go to the gym before, so we didnt arrive until 1145 and there was none left! Damn it! We were still able to enjoy some music, dancing, and a man playing the guitar with a chicken on his head, as seen below.
Lizano sauce is "the flavor of the Tico" just like it says in the sign below. It is sauce that made with worsheshire sauce and it added to everything here. Even though I think its quite good, I really took the picture because I love the design of the sign. Pretty right?
There were those people on stilts running all over (what are they called?) I really wanted my pic with this one in his cool blue outfit. He was so tall, he's bending over just to fit in the picture.
Oh! I bought some peacock feathers too. (in case you were wondering what I am holding) They were totally random, but I saw the guy and he had a huge bunch - 3 for $2, I bargained a bit to get 4 for $2. I think they are worth 50 cents each.  
We walked by this house downtown and I had to stop and drool for a minute. How beautiful is this house?

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