Monday, April 21, 2008

OSU Re-Runion...How Time Flies!

If it werent for Thomas Jay's initial "how about a reunion bitzes?" email this re-runion may have never happened. (thanks TJ!) He has really changed....hes an organizer and look how he modeled for the camera. The only pics I have of him in Columbus are with his hands coving his face.......he's come a long way!!Chris is here visiting from Germany for 2 months with Katrin and little mouth Lloyd so we actually nailed down a date fairly quickly. Look at his little taxi driver hat! What a cute little Mouth!Bill and Barbie voluteered their house in Wooster, so everyone made their travel plans. Me and Nester from Atlanta, TJ from Boston, Rob from D.C., Brrrian from Asheville, and Neil and his family from Indianapolis, Restorick and Ying-mouth came with there families from Canton and Canal Fulton. My parents came too. It was a great party!Bill Jenny, TJ and I pose in the kitchen.It had been 13 years seen most of us had seen Rob, and he hasn't changed a bit. I don't know why they called him "Cock Rob" ?? Here is the whole gang...minus Neal
I think he had run back to the hotel for a little bit when we took this picture. Here he is with his lovely wife Suava (did i spell that right?) and there beautiful blondie boys.
The weather started out great, we were all outside in the yard talking. Games of Tossticle and Corn Hole were being played! Beer was being drunk, jokes were being made.......just like old times!

Later in the evening it rained, but Bills and Barbies screen porch and living room had plenty of room. Not too mention all the Wii action in the basement! There house looked great too! There was a lot of great food. I made a chili beef brisket for tacos and Neil made the most delicious paella (do send out the recipe Neil) It came out of the oven in time for round 2 of dinner. We were all up talking and laughing until 2am. The next morning most of us went to "Bobus Evanus" (Bob Evans) for breakfast...that was always our weekend breakfast place....and I didn't "forget my wallet" this time. I hope we can arrange a get together like this every so often. There is nothing like getting together with old friends (literally- ha ha) I was smiling the whole weekend!

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