Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Three in Hershey & Philly

While the boys were living their best life racing around Woodward, Paloma was living it up as an only child.  Hershey Pennsylvania was too close to NOT go.  
What is in Hershey, you ask?  Well, it's like the sign says...Hershey is  CHOCOLATETOWN. It was founded by Milton S. Hershey, a man we learned a lot about in the 2 days we were there.
We started at Hershey Park, which was originally created as leisure grounds for the employees of Hershey's Chocolate Factory 110 years ago.  Coasters, water park, kiddie rides, dinning, it has it all. 

And this lucky girl GOT IT ALL . You want your face painted? Ok.  You want cotton candy? Ok. 
You'd like to ride this 20 times in a row? Ok. 

You want mami and papa to ride with you on the carousel? Ok. 

Although Paloma enjoyed the kiddie rides, we weren't able to go on all of them.  We tried out some of the bigger rides and The Comet coaster was pretty exciting....although a little intimidating going up that first hill. 96 feet up 😬😬 You can see by her face that she was worried. Going up the hill her eyes were closed.  Mine were too, but that was due to the sun. haha

She was the STAR.  All eyes on her, showered with attention... she exuded happiness.  
Ernesto and I vowed that each of our kids need a solo trip. Each needs a time to be the STAR, which can be tough with siblings.
You know we had to hit Hershey's largest candy store.  Paloma sweetly picked out souvenirs for her brothers. 

Hershey was full of food options, but once I discovered Freshido, a poke bowl place, I didn't want to go anywhere else.  We ate here twice and I would have done it again. 

The next morning we explored the Hershey Museum ...

and booked a spot in the Hershey kitchen where we learned how to make our own S'mores chocolate bar.
It was cute.  Can you just seeeeeee the happiness on this little girl's face. 
Hershey was SWEET!  It was fun spoiling our baby girl and she ate up all the undivided attention. 

At lunchtime we grabbed Chipotle to go and were on the road to Philadelphia, a 3 hour drive.  I actually lived in Philly for one year way back when....I had an internship at the Philadelphia International Airport.  It was such a fun year.  There were several other college interns my age and we had a fun job! We walked around all day with our walkie talkies and looking important.  We coordinated translators at int'l arrivals, tested ice levels on the runways, escorted VIPs, worked with secret service when Air Force One flew in....Oh those are great memories. Its also the only year that I ever lived alone in an apartment.  It was a great experience. 

Ok....back to the current year.  Ernesto had never been to Philly and when he mentioned it as an option I was like Meh.  What I didn't remember so clearly, but realised within the first hour of arriving in Philly, is what a BEAUTIFUL, cool, hip, historic city it is.
 We rented a cute little walk-up apartment in Old City.  
Its so walkable and fun just out the door! 

There are historic monuments, statues, buildings everywhere in this city. 
The first afternoon we stayed close to our place and visited the Liberty Bell and surrounding neighborhood.  The buildings are so gorgeous.  We stopped at a cute little market called Sue's and grabbed some food for the apartment. 

Our first full day we walked about 8 miles.  We stopped at every fountain. 

Paloma ran around this downtown water park as long as she wanted while Ernesto and I relaxed and  watched passers by.  People eating on their lunch breaks, moms with kids, outdoor cafes etc.  So nice!
That afternoon we made it to the Museum of Art.  You KNOW we had to run the Rocky stairs.  Come on!

We picked the boys up a couple t-shirts.  They love the Rocky movies. 

Paloma was fine to stay out exploring all day.  Papi gave her a couple rides when she needed breaks.

The next day we started our morning walking Penns Landing, which was only a couple blocks from our apartment. 

We strolled along the water and passed a cool park filled with hammocks and people relaxing, a wall filled with hundreds of locks.  It's called The Hope Fence and is a place where you can "lock in" your love story or a special memory.  They have a website where you enter your story. Add your lock on the fence and throw the keys in the box.

Philly Tacos is a little spot (made out of a shipping container) right on the water.  The outdoor seating area was so cute. 

I forget where I learned about Magic Gardens, but once I knew it was a museum  of mosaic art, it was on the "must see" list.  
Plus it is on South Street which is a must visit area.   It was so cool.  The mosaics were unbelievable. Isaiah Zagar started laying mosaics on the walls of two buildings, which had an empty lot in between them back in the 1960's.  His art got so much attention from the community and despite some obstacles, (you can read the history here) he eventually acquired the land and he was able to turn the crazy mosaic garden into what it is today. 

When you enter the garden, you are given a treasure hunt card.  On it are 9 pictures for you to try and locate with in the mosaics.  We had a lot of fun with this and received a sticker upon completion! 

I was inspired to mosaic something again. (I had a mosaic phase about 20 years ago!)
Ohhhhhh Philly! You are awesome! 

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