Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas, Christmas Time is Here!

Yes!  It is December and I can FINALLY say....It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  Even though we have been up to our eyes in Christmas lights, it NEVER...EVER feels like Christmas until this happens.

Visiting Santa is the start of our Christmas season.  Unfortunately, baby girl was not having it.  Even though I prepared her with Santa songs and books, she was too scared to sit there. 

Waiting in line and looking at santa from afar was not a problem, but once she sat on his lap it was over. I did have to leave her there long enough for our annual shot, but she was not happy about it. 
Is it just me, or she a very cute cryer?? LOL
What a classic picture though, right?
On a side note, I am not happy with Santa's couch this year.  In previous years, it has always been a tufted green velvet,(like so) and this one is just bad.  Santa is still good.

Although Ernesto did get started lighting our big dogwood on Thanksgiving day, he was not able to finish it until after he got everyone else's lights up (the cobblers son, that's us!)  Boy was it worth the wait though.  So. AWESOME!  

We have people slowing down to check out our lights.  The tree is impressive - to say the least!

I have adventurous, daring kids.  And I like that about them...However, this I did not like.  
"GET DOWN OFF THAT ROOF RIGHT NOW...but wait....wave for my picture!"
Seriously [mom], they were only up there one minute.
Since that was too dangerous, they decided to do this:

Not. Scared. Of. Anything. [except monsters on the lower level of the house?? whaaa?]
This Santa blow up was only $50 at a warehouse/surplus/random store in Alabama.  (Thanks Sue Ellen!)  I wanted to put it outside the boys' room in the back, but it really fit perfectly with our lights out front.

Our house felt like Christmas on the inside too.  Actually the tree was assembled on Thanksgiving day, but unfortunately did not get decorated until a couple weeks after. #priorities
My new white tree brought a smile to my face. As you can tell by the picture, I decorated the top half [with my beautiful blue glass ornaments] and the kids had free reign on the lower half.

Ernesto was working hanging lights until the 17th (!) this year.  This didn't leave much time.  We made sure to squeeze in our Christmas traditions before jetting up to Ohio.

Atlanta Botanical Garden lights is a must.  Yes, we have seen lights before,  but it changes a little bit every year, and it is just so special walking around with the crowd.
This is one of my favorite displays.

And Even though it was past baby girl's bedtime, she was wanting to runnnnnnn with her brothers.
Well. brother.  Marcelo was not his normal bouncing-off-the-wall self.  We brought in the little stroller in case Paloma was sleepy, but then this happened... 
Out like a light.  Marcelo fell asleep!?  What?  But your brother is ready to run around with you and cook marshmallows, why are you so tired? 
Oh you have a fever? UGH!  Yep, he slept the whole time.  Transferred him into the car and into his bed and he slept until 9am. NEVER!
Mateo roasted marshmallows and still had a good time, but he really missed his sidekick.
The next morning both boys weren't feeling well.
I got them set up all cozy in mami and papis bed and there they stayed.  All. Day. Long.  They did not make a peep.  No fighting, no name calling, no nothing.  Yeah, just not themselves at all.  I periodically checked on them and offered water, food, and lots of hugs and kisses.  Ernesto and I hung out with Paloma and were reminded how easy the days were with one child.
Fortunately, they were only down and out for one day.  

We are enjoying a few more days en la casa before the hustle and bustle of traveling during the holidays.  Yes, we will be flying up to Ohio as usual, but I think like anything, you forget the bad when you are making good memories.  

Just tryin' to live a bloggable life my friends, and it has been a little tough lately.
BUT BUT BUT....2017 will be "the year of the BLOG"

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